Mascotas – Atomo Games – Review

If you like luck driven games and like to play with young kids, I think this could be a fitting game for you.  The kids will enjoy taking care of the pets.

Heather Swanson



Theme and What is it?


Mascotas is a game about taking care of pets.  Each pet has different needs, and taking care of them can be fun for kids.

This is a children’s game of almost all luck.  Kids will get to care for 1 of 4 pets.  Once all the needs of a pet are met and they are not ill or unhappy, the owner wins.

Gameplay Mechanics


Players have a card handed out to them which reveals which pet they need to care for.  On each turn, a player puts down 1 card draws a new one from a common deck.

Each person will be trying to fulfill the needs of their pet first.  If they don’t have cards for their pet, they still have to play something.  This may mean improving the care of a pet that is not their own.

In addition to needs for food, entertainment, grooming, and housing, pets can be affected by a number of other cards.  These range from making them sick to making them feel loved.  In order to win, the pet must have the 4 basic needs fulfilled and not be ill or unhappy.

Initial Impressions


While I don’t eagerly await to play children’s games I was not turned off by the theme or artwork.  It looked cute enough and appealed to my kids who like pets.

Game Build Quality


This is a game of cards and they are good quality.  The box holds everything just fine.  I have no complaints with the craftmanship of the components.

The pets are on large cards and the rest of the deck are regular size.  They are easy to shuffle and have a smooth surface.

Artistic Direction


I can’t say I am a fan of this style of artwork.  The cartoonish drawings are sometimes fairly familiar and sometimes a little unusual.  I didn’t find the bug-eyed chihuahua something I wanted to care for.

It is nice that there is different artwork for each of the pet’s requirements.  It was sort of satisfying to give a pet something it wanted.

The art is a basic cartoon style without a background.  I felt it was too simplistic for my taste.

Fun Factor


I’d say the fun in this game come from watching young kids get excited about caring for their pet in the game.  It is sort of satisfying to fulfill one of the animal’s needs.

It is a game of luck, which I’m not a fan of.  You have to play the cards in your hand whether you want to or not.  For a very young audience, this narrows down their options into a manageable selection.

Overall, adults are not buying this game for themselves.  My kids were okay with it, but the game can go a bit long in my opinion. 

Age Range & Weight


This game is rated for ages 4 and up.  I really couldn’t imagine playing this game with such a young kiddo.  I think you would have to help them look that their hand of cards every turn.  I’m not sure their focus can last as long as this game goes either.

I’m surprised at the age range being so low.  The game is not difficult to teach or learn.  It could be taught to a 4-year-old.  However, waiting for the right cards to appear can last longer than a young child’s attention span.  



Mascotas is a cute idea.  It takes something that kids care about and makes a game of it.  Kids love taking care of pets, and even a two-dimensional rendering of a pet can foster a genuine concern for their wellbeing.

I find the luck-driven mechanism and theme are great for young kids.  At the same time, I think it takes too long for the right cards to show up on the playing table.

If you like luck driven games and like to play with young kids, I think this could be a fitting game for you.  The kids will enjoy taking care of the pets.