Media Kit

Our prices change regularly depending on platform growth.

Any quote that has been made, will be respected even after changes, for the specific contemplated game.

MeepleGamers is a review platform dedicated to many different types of content, and concentrated growth and differentiation in the market.


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  • Instagram – 1772 Followers
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  • YouTube – 400 Subscribers
  • Reviews in 2018 – 365 – That’s a lot of reviews…

Social Media Post – $15

On platform of your choice, we will post photos of your game. (We will need a game.)

Preview: (Kickstarter) Text – FREE

Review: Text – FREE

Live Stream – $100 Hourly

A physical copy of the game is needed to showcase the game in the review, and we will need to receive the game at least one month before the campaign goes live. We will also need a graphic of the game, to add as a featured image (this shows up on main page)

If you need a rushed (p)review (less than a month until the campaign goes live), we can push your game to the front of our queue, for an additional $150. ALL PREVIEWS with specific date requests are considered rushed for MeepleGamers writers purposes.

Reviews – Free
We will provide a basic review video of your already released game, or soon to be released for retail sale game, featuring everything in the Preview Section.

A physical copy of the game is needed to showcase the game in the review. We will also need a graphic of the game, to add as the featured image.

Advertising – $100
An add-on to any package is a banner ad on the site. It is $100, per 7 days. Other types of in-site ads are possible, please contact to discuss.


This is where the shoe drops! Our writers love games, so we are happy to provide previews for free. However, the site needs to pay to keep the lights on. Therefore, we charge to feature your game on the site. It will get prominent placement, and generally 3-5 times the views to the article while it is live.

Featured Placement on MeepleGamers site: $75 weekly, 4 week minimum, 12 week maximum. No additional content is promised. At >6 weeks, additional social media posts, and comments will be provided. 

Working with MeepleGamers does not guarantee the success of any Kickstarter campaign. The opinions of the reviewer are their own and MeepleGamers does not guarantee that the reviewer will like the game. We do try to be positive in our reviews, but as you can imagine, not all games are for all people.


For more information about the packages, or about possibly sponsoring our channel, contact us through email at: media @, or through the MeepleGamers Twitter or Instagram.