Chatty Meeples – 1: What was one of your earliest board games?

Hello, allow me to jump in and explain what this is. This is an article to test the waters. I’m testing the format to see if folks like them. This is patterned after the Chatty Faces videos that show up on YouTube from time to time. I’ve asked a question of our writers. This is those who wished to take part. They’ve answered me and I’ve organized the responses here. With the exception of spelling and a slight bit of grammar (I added a hyphen and such) there have been no edits to these answers.

My hope is that people will enjoy learning about us and in turn answer the question themselves down in the comments. With that said, I leave you with our writers and their answers to the question, what was one of your first board games. I personally found the response fun, interesting, and moving. I hope you do as well.


For me it was Clue. I know there are probably some other games in there, but I remember Clue most of all. It ended up a lot of places for us. It went camping with my Grandparents, into the backyard in the summer, and on the table when it rained. It was also one of the few games my Dad would play with us. Not all of the time, but every once in a while he’d sit in on a game. I remember that the most.


The game I remember playing was SPLAT with my siblings. We played it so much we dried out the Play-Doh. It’s a game that I loved so much we have it now and play with our kids.


I don’t really remember my very first game. However, the one that I have the most memory playing as a child is Labyrinth by Ravensburger. It was actually sold through a company called Discovery Toys. I am unsure if this company is still around today. 

I was home-schooled from second grade through high school. My mother was heavily involved with the homeschooling community and at one time was an administer of “our” school. She headed up events for the home schooling community and attended several conventions. Discovery Toys was usually a vendor at the curriculum conventions.

I always remembered that if we attended with her, we could hang out at the Discovery Toys booth. They had a lot of different games/toys that were educational for children. But, I was so excited to finally obtain Labyrinth.

Our copy from my childhood is WORE out. In fact, our dog got a hold of the piece with the lizard on it and chewed it. My brother, an artist, made a piece from cardboard and drew the lizard on the piece. We still have it to this day and it plays fine.

I introduced that copy to my group because they had never played before. They enjoyed it so much, I purchased the anniversary copy that has some extra things with it! And, I let my mother keep our childhood copy.


I guess I could easily say that something like Monopoly was my first board game experience but in truth I would probably come way further into present day when my eyes were opened to the vast world of board games by the Table Top series on YouTube hosted by Will Wheaton of all people. 

It inspired me to buy Lords of Waterdeep… then begin the task of finding some open minded friends to play it with. From the very first game I was hooked! So were my friends! The tactical choices of which location to choose, keeping an eye on your opponents quests to see what they needed and to try and stop them from getting it, gambling on large quests for big prizes or sticking to small ones to maximize the number of them you can work through… it all blended so well and was simple enough for even us new players to understand. 

It was the key gateway game for me and is still one of the first games ill show new gamers. In the 6 years since playing it my collection has grown out of control and every game brings a new experience.


The first game I remember playing was Clue. We played it all the time. I’m sure there were other games but I have memories of playing Clue.


First board game was Monopoly. This game is more of an emotional pick for me, first real board game I played as a kid, beat my parents, etc. As anyone who likes the game knows, very hard to get others to play because of how long it can take among other aspects. 

I prefer playing by the published rules, no house rules like money in the center and get it go landing in Free Parking, etc. Favorite piece is the race-car. Don’t pass GO, don’t collect $200!