Chatty Meeples – 2: What is your most memorable gaming victory?

We’re back for another Chatty Meeples. This week we talk about our most memorable wins. We’d love to hear some of your stories down in the comments. Also, feel free to leave some suggestions for future questions. I haven’t changed these answers except for a little bit of Grammar, I capitalized a couple of letters and added a comma here and there. 


I’m going to do this without spoilers. Pandemic season 2, the final mission. Season 2 kicked our butts. We failed about half the missions. We didn’t get the right things at the start and were on the back foot for a long time. We’d already failed the final objective once and were trying again. Even still it was touch and go. We had a lot of moving pieces to get in place and it didn’t look like we were going to make it. There was a place where we could see we were going to lose unless we got everything perfect for the next three turns. This included not drawing the exact wrong cards from the outbreak deck. The odds of getting any of those cards kept getting worse every round. When that last outbreak card flipped over and we were clear. I can’t even tell you how good that felt. I’m looking forward to season 3 because of that moment and so many more in the pandemic series.


My most infamous board game win came playing Cryptid. My group had taken the afternoon off to play through some games for me to review and we just finished our initial play through.

Unfortunately for us it hadn’t been the easiest given it’s a deduction, brainy game where we were more of a strategy, Euro-style group. 

Everything was set back up and everyone started placing their pieces. First round questions began and everyone was all set for the detective game. Deciding to go off the wall with my actions, I kinda picked a location at random and took the action to state that the cryptid was at the location. 

A long silence came from the group as they double-checked and triple-checked their clues and the location of the pieces. I picked against all odds the winning location.


We were playing Skull King and I was losing 120 to -50. I came back and won 210-190



I do not really recall an epic board game victory. If I win, I win. So, my answer is not my personal win but one that remains in the books for a friend.

In Fresco, players cannot share the same place on the score track. If you land on the same space, you choose to go in front or behind your opponent. During the game, you usually choose behind your opponent because initiative for the next turn is based on your position on the score track in reverse order.

At the end of the game, you score points for every three coins you have left. This is scored in player order based on the last round. The same rules apply with the spaces on the score track. In one of our games, the last player to score points for coins landed on the space of the current leader therefore placing their token one space ahead and winning. From then on, this coined the phrase “the squeak”. My friend definitely squeaked the win!

Mike K

My first time playing a WWII war game was at the YMCA when I was in the 4th or 5th grade with ‘old’ guys I didn’t know. It was a miniatures based game played on a big floor. I had no idea what I was doing. As a newbie I was only given a squad. I hid it in hedges at what I thought was a good spot by telling the GM. 

The game had a lot of hidden movement that was tracked/resolved by several GMs. I think everyone had forgotten I was playing. I sat there and did nothing for hours as the enemy roared past me. When their command car came to the crossroads I attacked from my hidden, isolated location. 

The other team went bonkers…evidently I should have been rolling morale every turn. I had no idea what morale was. Amid the shouting the GMs came up with a solution and gave the enemy a special saving roll. That was my first time seeing a Crit Fail. And the start of my gaming path.


My best victory is my one and only time playing Twilight Struggle. The person I played tried to teach me and did a terrible job. I had no idea what I was doing for half of my moves. Midway through the second round I get the nuke track down to 1 away from the instant loss. Two moves later, the guy plays a card that pushes this to instant loss; winning me the game! It saved me from another 1.5 hours of the game


*Note* Josh didn’t think I’d post it here.

So I was teaching this younger female how to play scythe. She got the idea of the game and understood how the powers worked. I truly believe she was doing well. She even had Polania, and I taught her how to use it to her benefit. I ended up getting the factory and winning by a landslide. I mean it wasn’t even close. I truly destroyed her. She claims she had sport ball practice which she was thinking about, which distracted her. Please don’t say I’ve never taught my daughter anything (she is 7). The game has become persona non grata. (This might be a fabrication for the sake of humor. Might)