Megaman Pixel Tactics-Jasco Games/Level 99 Games-Review

Duke it out with Units made up of characters from the MegaMan universe. Choose from the likes of Pump Man, Blade Man and Magma Man to secure your victory.

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Theme and What is it?

MegaMan Pixel Tactics is a tactical card game with a MegaMan theme.  Duke it out with Units made up of characters from the MegaMan universe.  Choose from the likes of Pump Man, Blade Man and Magma Man to secure your victory.

Gameplay Mechanics


The game is simple: take out the other player’s Leader and win.  Winning a round removes the Leaders of previous round from each player’s decks.  The players play best of three or five.


Each player shuffles their deck and draws the first card — this is their Leader, placed in the Flank Wave.  Determine who is the first player and the players draw a hand of cards. The first player begins playing cards in the Vanguard Wave, Flank Wave, and Rear Wave to establish the initial Unit.



First Player alternates between players at the beginning of the Vanguard Wave.  During each Wave the players have two turns to player from a choice of actions during the turns.  There are actions that take two turns, one turn, or for free. Actions include melee attacks, spells, ranged attacks, moving units, etc.

Initial Impressions

My son and I played the game and it took us awhile to understand the setup and flow of play.  After a bit we got the hang of it, turns and Waves went quickly. The actual rounds took awhile because with limited turns to do anything.

Game Build Quality

The components of this game include tokens and playing cards.  The tokens range from tiny 1 and 3 life to the larger First/Second Player tokens made of a medium weight cardboard.  The cards are typical playing card stock, made to hold up for lots of shuffling.

Artistic Direction

The art is based upon the 8-bit Nintendo games from the 80s and 90s.  For fans of the game, they aren’t much more than blown up representations and there isn’t anything new that expands on the universe.  Overall, its fairly basic in its approach but the game doesn’t need to be anything more.

Fun Factor

The fun of the game comes from planning the tactics of your units.  With the units having different powers depending on the Wave they are played in and the variety of actions, the possibilities are many without repetition.

Age Range & Weight

The indicated age range is 14+.  The Pixel Tactics engine warrants the age range indicated while the MegaMan theme is good for all ages.


In the end this game is more about the mechanics than about the Megaman theme.  They would lend themselves to any theme that could’ve been used. We found them to be compelling but as fans of Megaman we were hoping for more.  This game was originally sponsored through a Kickstarter a couple years ago and this set has characters from the whole series where there are also other sets that have characters from specific games.