FLASHBACK FRIDAY – Mobi Kids – Mobi Games Inc. – Review

The game gives kids a tactile way to aid in learning math.  This a great way to supplement paper and pencil learning.

Heather Swanson



Theme and What is it?


Mobi Kids is a math game for young kids.  It includes addition and subtraction of numbers 1-10.  It is useful in learning and practicing math for preschool through around 2nd grade.  Older kids could play if they want to practice their equation skills for speed. 

Gameplay Mechanics


For very young children there are some mini games.  These ramp up in difficulty.  They start with counting items and finding the corresponding number tile.  Towards the end they are having identify the missing numbers in equations.

For kids who can add and subtract there is a speed game.  It requires using numbers and operations tiles to create a sort of math crossword puzzle.  There are two colored sets of number tiles which can be split up between two or four players.

Equations must read from left to right and from top to bottom.  Multiple numbers and operations can be used on either side of the equation.  The person who has used all of their number tiles first wins.

Initial Impressions


I think the whale bag that the game comes in is adorable.  I liked the feel of all the tiles as well. I’ve seen this game included in a homeschool kit before and was curious.  It looked like a fun way to practice math.

Game Build Quality


The bag and pieces are wonderful.  The instructions are on kid-friendly thick paper.  It helps when kids might play the mini games.  The tiles are smooth and have a little more heft than plastic.  In other words, they are pleasant to fiddle with….a bonus for kids.

Artistic Direction


There isn’t any art in the game.  There are some graphics in the instructions that are well done.  The whale bag is a nice touch.

Fun Factor


Teaching kids can be fun if you know how to make it enjoyable.  As a homeschooling mom I know math can be the most unpleasant subject to deal with.  It takes practice and repetition.

Having a game can really aid in learning.  The key to Mobi is letting you kid win against you.  Or, you just might need to help them through a few times.  The whole crossword puzzle aspect adds a whole new dimension to the typical left to right math equation.

Age Range & Weight


Mobi is rated for aged 4+.  This is a good age because any younger and they may try to eat the pieces.  It is easy to learn and easy to play.  The pieces can be used instructionally or as a game.



Mobi is a nice teaching aid to help kids with simple equations, addition, and subtraction.  For young children it can help with number recognition as well.  The game gives kids a tactile way to aid in learning math.  This a great way to supplement paper and pencil learning.