Monsters Vs. Heroes: Victorian Nightmare by ARES Games Review

Theme and What is it?

I am an evil evil evil, bad guy. My only predilection is to get more evil bad guys on my side than you, or to make sure your hero count is lower than my evil bad guy count.

I am evil, and I can count. Whoopsie, I was lying about being evil, and am actually a great guy, I even solve crimes in my spare time, you can call me Sherlock. This is the push and pull of Heroes vs. Monsters. It is a game of bluffing, and take that, taken to the extreme with monster and hero powers. Welcome to Monsters vs. Heroes, FIGHT!

Gameplay Mechanics

When being told how to play the game, I was told you can do one of two things. Take a card, or play a card. That is basically it. The cards obviously have powers, but reading them, you will know what to do.

The only thing that gives you a bit of complexity is that alignment is hidden in the beginning, as is bonus points.

Initial Impressions

Jim Long of ARES Games introduced me to Monsters vs. Heroes. We were at a convention together in Wisconsin, and it was late and I was ready to go home. He said, that even tired, I would like the push and pull of this game. I gave it a shot.

I have to say, my initial impression, looking at it was meh. Not do to the great art, or subject matter, more that I tend to not give card games their fair shake.

Game Build Quality

The cards are nice matte style cards, and the game is made for expansions. It is functional for what it does.

Artistic Direction

I like pulpy movies. The art here is very much like pulpy movies. I would guess that is what the artist was aiming for. I think he captured it quite well.

For a simple card game, I think the art is quite nice, and conveys the theme very well.

Fun Factor

Take that is either take that or leave it for me. Some games are just so much fun to have that take that function that you can get into it. This is one of those.

The idea of the game is you are good or evil, and you have told hide what you are for as long as possible. I would classify this as a filler or end of night game, when you just want to spend some time giving your competitor the whatfor.

Age Range & Weight

The game is designated as 8+. For the content alone, I might say the same for sensitive kids. Some monsters might be scary to a young child.


For what Monsters vs. Hereoes is, I like it. It is a quick, gritty romp through monsterland, or Scotland Yard.

The art is fun, and colorful, and the game plays quite well for its simple design. This would be a title that you could store in your vehicle, for when you just want to play something with a friend, but don’t want to pull out something crunchy.

I would give this game a few play throughs, and am interested to see the promised expansions.