FLASHBACK FRIDAY – Most Wanted – North Star Games – Review

Hijack stagecoaches, rob a train but don’t get caught … and if you do, you better have bail money!

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Hijack stagecoaches, rob a train but don’t get caught… and if you do, you better have bail money!

Matthew Kearns


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Theme and What is it?


It’s St. Louis in the mid-1800’s.  There are wagon trains to the West, outfitters and shops, and plenty of scoundrels to cause trouble in these parts.  In fact, you’re one of them. In Most Wanted, it’s a race to see who can claim to be the most downright, low-down dirty varmint this side of the ‘sippi.  Hijack stagecoaches, rob a train but don’t get caught … and if you do, you better have bail money! So settle in, draw a hand, and we’ll see who will end up on the board and who’s behind bars.

Gameplay Mechanics



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The goal of Most Wanted is to reach the top of the scoreboard first.


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Set out the scoreboard between the players with the action cards near it.  The Robbery Action cards should have the black bail symbol on the front and use the Church, Honest Labor, and Duel sides to start.

Each player picks a character card and token.  Shuffle the deck and deal five cards to each player.  The youngest player goes first or you can do a 1-card Duel to determine the first player.


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On a player’s turn, they have a choice of different actions to take.  The Robbery Actions are how you gain points to move up the scoreboard. The Non-Robbery Actions provide you with a means to acquire money for bail, increase your hand size, or to call out another player in a duel.

In Robbery Actions and Duels, players will compare a hand of cards (the action determines the size) to see who has the best cards.  Beware of putting out all those Aces lest some yellow-belly puts up 6’s to Double Cross ya with their hidden 6-shooter. Any number of players can get in on Robbery Actions while the Duel Action is between two players.  The player with the best hand gets the points and moves up the board while the other players have to pay bail.

In a two-player game, there is a sheriff who acts as a third player for Robbery Actions.  He draws cards and plays a hand trying to keep you scoundrels from doing those dirty deeds.

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Initial Impressions


I wasn’t sure what to expect opening the box.  There are a few components, a large deck of cards, and a gameboard.  It looked like something similar to Bang! but thankfully it could handle a small group.  Getting the game going though, we knew this would be fun.

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Game Build Quality


The game components are character tokens, character cards, money bag tokens, playing cards, action cards, and the scoreboard.  The tokens are made from heavy cardboard stock, well-manufactured and durable with an easy punch-out. The playing cards are custom for the game but use an average card stock and linen finish, ready for lots of shuffling.  The action and character cards are a light card stock with a slick finish. The scoreboard is well-constructed with heavy cardboard and slick finish.

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Artistic Direction


Kudos to the artists in the game.  The art in all the components is tied neatly together and on-theme.  The art for the card deck is slightly different, but is wonderful in its own right.

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Fun Factor


This game is all about who is willing to push their luck and rob a train or call another out for a duel.  There is also strategy too as you must weigh the odds on cards in your hand, who might be willing to take you on, and what is the best way for you to get up that scoreboard.  But come on, in what other game can you play a nunchaku-wielding nun?

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Age Range & Weight


Age range is 10+ and for the complexity of the game that is just right.  It still might be a bit young related to the theme and game aspects for some parents.

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I really liked Most Wanted. The rules are tight and well-presented.  I found no holes in them and all my questions were answered. The game is very easy to set and get off the ground.  Though it says 2-8 players, I think the sweet spot is 4-5 with 2-3 still being fun; any more makes the game take longer but doesn’t necessarily help it.

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