Discover Catan Stories, a brand-new interactive story you can play on your phone.


In Catan Stories: Legend of the Sea Robbers, seek adventure at the heart of a brand-new interactive story. In this original text adventure, explore Catan Island, from the famous board game, as nobody has before.
You play as the raven, the island’s guardian, and you guide three characters as they fulfill their destiny. It’s all up to you, as your choices will determine the course of the adventure. Each of your decisions influences how the story unfolds and can have terrible consequences. Keep a level head, as Catan may be in great danger. The time has come to visit the island and save it. Catan’s fate is in your hands.

Josh Hale is an avid TT gamer and loves the process of learning something new not by reading directions, but by playing through a round. He also is a single father and lawyer, so staying busy is never a problem.

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