TABLETOP TWOSDAY – Nobjects – Pegasus Spiele – Review

There are groups that will hunt you down for putting this on the table.  And there are groups that will all buy a copy after the first play.

Joseph Summa



Theme and What is it?


Nobjects is a lightweight party game where players attempt to draw an image using ONLY their finger.  Other players need to try to figure out what is being depicted so that they can get an attempt at drawing next.  It is a fast-paced game that is entirely what the players make of it.  It can be a total wiff or a wonderful filler depending on the creativity and ingenuity of the group.

Gameplay Mechanics


There are three decks of cards with increasingly difficult things/concepts to visually express.  Players earn points when others can guess what they are drawing AND when they correctly guess what another player is drawing.  The whole game just centers around miming drawing.  It is an interesting twist on something like charades where you can mime with fewer restrictions and other drawing games where your paper might get cluttered.  No chance of that here!  

Initial Impressions


So, Nobjects is a rather unique game.  The general flow and style has been done dozens of times.  But the twist is a dramatic one.  I have to admit having a felt table we sometimes resorted to vague tracings in the fabric.  Nothing like seeing a drawing but a slight line is better than just a mental tracing of what has happened.  Some players LOVE this sort of thing and were enthralled.  Several others begged me to just end their misery.  I would definitely suggest you consider your audience.  There are groups that will hunt you down for putting this on the table.  And there are groups that will all buy a copy after the first play.

Game Build Quality


Um.  What build?  There are cards with words on them and a die so you don’t get to choose the word and have some randomness built into the challenge.  That is it.  Oh, I suppose there is a one page rulebook and a box.  I have no complaints, but this is a very component light kind of game.

Artistic Direction


The neon artwork on the cover is definitely the best art to see here.  And the rulebook has a nice version of it on the back so you can potentially put it up as a poster or in a frame.  Should that be a thing you want to do?  The artwork the players make?  Significantly lower quality.  In my experience.  But I might be the main influence bringing the average down below even stick figure quality.  Joe = not an artist.  

Fun Factor


I think I have mostly covered the fun factor already.  Nobjects is what you make it.  With the right players you make your own fun with solid framing strokes to get to the right general idea and some deductive reasoning from the players can jump to the right word surprisingly fast.  With the wrong players, some hand movements and frustration ensue.  Go play some pasted on theme euro with those other players and bring this out with a more casual audience or when hanging out not when having a serious game day.

Age Range & Weight


8+ is a fair rating.  Anyone can play this.  Anyone.  It takes seconds to learn.  Even if no one knows the game, the half sheet of rules will take you a whole minute or so.  Don’t forget to make fun of the adults who over complicate their drawings while a younger artist just cuts straight to the critical elements and someone guesses it right almost immediately.



Nobjects is a nice twist on an established style of gameplay.  Clue giving and guessing based on randomizer cards is a solid category.  Drawing to convey items or even conceptual words are also a solid category.  Throwing all of it together but making players have a much tighter constraint (just a finger in the air to work with) creates a unique experience that is highly variable based on the individual personalities in your play group.  It is up to you to identify is this for your group.