Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Ohava and Murgath – Slugfest Games – Review

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She’s an elven high cleric, he’s a human blackguard with a pesky sword of good. Grab a deck, a drink, and see where the night takes you!

Matthew Kearns


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Theme and What is it?


Welcome back to the Red Dragon Inn! Now we have added a couple of new players to the game: Ohava and Murgath.  She’s an elven high cleric and he’s a human blackguard with a pesky sword of good. Will Ohava pull one over on the dude of darkness or will Murgath drag her haughty highness down to his level?  Grab a deck, grab a drink (or two… or more) and see where the night takes you!

Gameplay Mechanics



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Even with the Ohava and Murgath expansion, the goal of the game hasn’t changed: stay sober and keep both hands on your money pouch.


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Using Ohava and Murgath, setup is the same except that the two have unique features.  Ohava has four additional cards representing the gods of the world that are placed colored face down to start.  Murgath has a separate deck of cards to be shuffled and placed to the side of his play mat.


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Turn structure using the Ohava and Murgath expansion doesn’t change from the base game.

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Initial Impressions


The look-and-feel of the new characters blends well in with the base game.  The new possibilities of special powers look to make them a great addition to the game.

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Game Build Quality


The new components of the expansion are playing cards, additional cardboard tokens for coins and attribute markers.

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Artistic Direction


The artistic style of the cards matches that of the base game.  What is striking about these cards is Ohava’s deity cards and a number of Murgath’s cards twisted from the similar cards of other players.  One difference from the base game though is the character-specific play mats that are smaller and laid out differently.

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Fun Factor


The fun just keeps coming with the addition of Ohava and Murgath. These two offer new twists on other characters bringing both the pain and the laughs all the same.

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Age Range & Weight


Age range is the same as the base game and weight doesn’t change with the inclusion of the expansion.

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Note: This expansion requires the base game to use.

Red Dragon Inn has been one of the pleasant surprises in my gaming experience.  The addition of Ohava and Murgath are great choices for the unique abilities they bring to the table and new characters to “play” as well.  Judging Ohava, I compare her to be like Dierdre but certainly more willing and capable of gambling than her lesser acolyte. Murgath is all about the power while being balanced by the spirit of his blessed sword.  Played against each other, it was quite amusing but adding them in with the other base characters makes them feel as if they had been there from the beginning.

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