Theme and What is It?

OK Play is a compact connect five game for two to four players, built for ease of transport.  Can you outwit your opponents?

Gameplay Mechanics

Two to four players will select one of four colors and take turns placing tiles onto the table or any flat surface.  Tiles must be placed orthogonally adjacent to existing tiles. The goal of the game is to connect five of your tiles in a row, either orthogonally or diagonally.  If a player should run out of tiles, they may move previously played tiles to new placement locations.

Initial Impressions

When I first saw OK Play, I was most intrigued by its minimalist packaging and publisher Big Potato Games vision of a game intended for travel and ease of transport.

Game Build Quality

OK Play is minimalist packaging in its purest sense.  Once you open the game from its clamshell sales package, you are left with a disk on a carabiner.  Four columns of tiles clip into the disk and during play, tiles are pulled off the columns. The columns connect to the disk with a satisfying snap and the tiles fit securely on their columns.

Artistic Direction

There isn’t much to speak of in terms of art beyond the packaging, which is kind of a shame because it looks great, but will ultimately be discarded.  The four player colors are bright and vibrant and look great on the playing surface.

Difficulty and Age Range Suggestion

The package for OK Play suggests ages eight and up, but the core concept of the game could be played by children as young as four.  The strategy is simplistic and the placement rules are straightforward. If you can grasp that you want to build a line of tiles, you can play OK Play.

Final Thoughts

The match five gameplay of OK Play is very basic.  It is simple, abstract strategy. With its minimalist and durable presentation, OK Play completely replaces childhood favorite Connect Four.  It is a great game for short, quick plays and is easily thrown into backpacks, overnight bags, or camping supplies. The carabiner solidifies this as its intended purpose.  For families or people who like to do some light gaming on the go, OK Play is a great product to add to your collection.