On Tour – BoardGameTables – Review

On Tour Board Game Box

Hyper competitive people should be forewarned, they might enjoy helping their friends win. 

Josh Hale



Theme and What is it?


You have always dreamed of going on the road, throwing caution to the wind, saying goodbye to responsibilities, and playing your instrument of choice in either seedy hole in the wall bars, or filling stadiums to the brim, watching your fans light their cigarette lighters (cell phones). 

In On Tour, you will be planning your route on your nationwide tour just so that you can rock out. In this roll and write, you are limited only by the dice, and your forward thinking. Ultimately, like all tours, you will eventually run out of gas. 

Gameplay Mechanics


In On Tour, you will be drawing three cards and rolling two dice. The three cards tell you where you will be inserting the dice numbers, the dice tell you the numbers. 

The goal is to have the longest route, from low number to high number across the board, and to do so with the right cards, allowing double scoring. 

While you are playing “against” your neighbors, you are actually playing 4 person solitaire. 

Initial Impressions


The presentation is just immaculate. 

If you missed seeing this at Origins, you were not particularly observant. There was a WALL of this game. And, it made an impression, to me at the very least.

I wanted to play it immediately upon seeing it.

Game Build Quality


Some games barely squeak by with boards. 

On Tour comes rocking past with not only great player boards, but even the back of the boards have been thought about. 

My presumption is that BoardGameTables, is using this entirely to show how much attention they put into their furniture line. 

It just so happens, this is the beginning of a great BoardGame line as well, in terms of build quality. My only complaint is the grease pens included are a bit hard to wipe.

Artistic Direction


This game just is artistically on point. 

The art is nice, the graphic design is nearly perfect. There is nothing in this game that screams to me it was not well thought out. 

That is sort of the point I think.

Fun Factor


I’m a fan of roll and writes. 

Not all of us are, and that is fine. Truthfully, those people that dislike roll & writes are wrong. (This is sarcasm, there is no accounting for taste obviously. Apart from yours, IRWIN!)

Roll & write is the current rager at this board game party. It just so happens that On Tour is the rager at the party of ragers by design. 

Age Range & Weight


7+. This game is rated for even the younger audience. Scoring will take a while to ramp up with a younger player, but that just means, it will be fun to crush your little person’s gaming soul for a while. 

They should have been born earlier. Are you ready to rock!?!?



This may be 4 person solitaire. But, it is almost a coop. I have played and had people suggest path lines, while i was playing against them, that allowed me to win. 

Hyper competitive people should be forewarned, they might enjoy helping their friends win. Strangely, I suggest people pick up as many roll & writes as possible, because they are just done so well currently and each give the player a drastically different experience.

This will make my kallax. Will it make yours?