Otrio – Marbles Brain Workshop – Review

We just keep playing and playing.  It's like tic-tac-toe took steroids and challenged 4 players to a mind work-out.

Heather Swanson


Theme and What is it?


Otrio is a tic-tac-toe game, plain and simple.  Except, there are no Xs!  There are 3 sets of small Os, medium Os, and large Os in each color.  Catching on to the O-trio theme yet?

I give this a 5 out of 10 on theme.  That is because it is an abstract game and is neutral regarding a theme.

Gameplay Mechanics


I am sure you can imagine this game plays just like tic-tac-toe.  The difference is that there are now new options for winning conditions.  Here are three ways to win:

1. Three of any one size of Os in a row

2. Three different sizes of Os in a row 

3. Three Os in one space

Each player chooses a color of Os and places them on the board one person at a time.

Initial Impressions


I was interested in the game the moment I saw the box.  I liked the simplicity of the components and was curious how it worked.  If I had known it was tic-tac-toe ahead of time I might not have been as interested.

I had always thought of tic-tac-toe as a game lacking options.  Once you know the way it goes you can always win or always end up without a winner.  Otrio is a whole other ball of wax.  There is much more going on.  I’ll explain that later on.

Game Build Quality


Everything about the quality of the game is pleasant.  I like the feel of the rings and how they sit into the board.  The colors are nice and the wooden board make this the sort of game you want to place on your coffee table.

Here is a 9 in quality.  If you want a game to last and look good while doing it Otrio might be fore you.

Artistic Direction


I can’t say that there is any artwork involved with Otrio except that, in a way, you are developing your own art.  The colors are nice and the wood grain in the board is a nice background.

I give this a 5 for artistic direction because it is neutral for art.

Fun Factor


Fun can be subjective depending on who you play with and what kind of a mood you are in.  I’ve found this game keeps coming back to the table because it is so family friendly and quick to play.

Part of the fun I’ve had is pairing this game with a cookout for the family.  I’m not worried about cards blowing away or pieces sliding through the picnic table.  It is sturdy and perfect for any occassion.

My fun meter sits at 9 our of 10 with Otrio.  We had some wonderful family moments watching our younger kids beating us.  I find the playing ground fairly ironed out between ages. 

Age Range & Weight


The recommended age is 8+.  This is a good age.  It was a little too much for my 8 year old to keep up with the other player’s moves and block someone from winning.

The game is easy to teach which is a huge bonus.  You can have anyone playing with you in only a few minutes.



Otrio has become a game of good family memories.  We have had laughter and we have shared conversations.  This is going to stay handy for our get-togethers.

I’m giving this game a 9 out of 10 for it’s good looks, quality build, ease of play, and casual family fun.