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Xi’An Review by Pendragon Game Studio

Publisher:PENDRAGON GAME STUDIO Game Type:STRATEGY(Worker Placement;Hand Management;Area Influence;Set Collection;Simultaneous ActionSelection) Publisher:SURFIN' MEEPLE Designer:FRANCESCO TESTINI Designer:MARCO LEGATO Artist:DAVIDE CORSI Initial Year…

Tokyo Highway by Itten Review

Publisher: Itten Game Type: Board Games as art, dexterity, worker placement (light) Designer: Naotaka Shimamoto Initial Year of Release: 2016…

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Vast – Expansion Previews

What's New in the Crystal Caverns? Accompanying the new second edition of the base game are two new retail products…

Master’s Trials by AEG

A great evil has enveloped the earth in the form of an ancient darkness, and his minions. He plans on destroying everything, including calling you late for dinner, and making the milk in your refrigerator sour.

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Top 12 Board Games of 2017 (12 for the Twelve Days of Christmas)

2017 started off with a bang in the board game world. We had controversy, and kickstarters that have never fulfilled…

Top 10 Board Games to Gift to Non-Gamers in 2017

2017 was a HUGE year in gaming. For those that are into gaming, your shelves likely drastically changed, if you…

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Confessions of a Game Explainer by Tony Cimino

Our own Tony Cimino brings his unique brand of humor to Meeple Gamers!

The Aftermath of Legacy Gaming (Spoiler Free)

This is not a game review. But I am going to attack it as if it were, at least to start. Legacy gaming is where a game is purchased, knowing full well you will destroy cards, that some of your characters will not make it out alive.

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Osprey Games Announces Judge Dredd

Osprey Games is delighted to announce its new graphic adventure card game, Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth, based on the classic 2000AD comic characters.

PAX Unplugged Top Ten

PAX Unplugged is a new animal. No one really knew what to expect. ┬áThere were a few fantastic releases, that…