Paranormal Detectives – Lucky Duck Games – Preview

The living are so frustrating...

Josh Hale



Theme and What is it?


You were just killed. You are a ghost, and you want to tell the detectives how you died. But, as all ghosts, you have a limited means of communication. 

You can only communicate with the powers the detectives give you, and they may never ask what you want them to ask with the power that would be most helpful. 

The living are so frustrating…

Gameplay Mechanics


The detectives are each given a deck of cards, to ask questions, and try to figure out what has happened to the ghost. 

Each ghost has a very different story, and each detective has the same skill set, but may ask their questions in a different manner to get the best answers out of the ghost possible. 

Take care however, as the more information you know, means your opponents also have that same information. They are trying to get to the end of the story before you. If they do, the ghost and your opponents will win, and you lose. Sorry, not sorry.

Initial Impressions


Some game descriptions just don’t do it for me. This game’s description was a party game, and while you could play it at a party, it did not really entice me to want to play the game.  

Therefore, I was reticent to enjoy the game.

Game Build Quality


The game is built as is necessary. The cards are nice. The board is nice. The rope is bendy, which we initially laughed at, not knowing one power of questioning was for the ghost to bend the rope as an answer to a question. The rope being bendy was exactly what was needed. 

Artistic Direction


The art is very nice. It feels very kitchy, but I say that in a loving manner. While the game deals with a serious subject manner, it does not take itself too seriously. 

For me, the art was nearly exactly what the game needed.

Fun Factor


Halfway through a play-through, I realized this game was really a lot of fun. I wanted to play it more than once, to see how other players would act as the ghost, and to see how hard getting the keywords were. 

I have to say, my initial reaction, was very wrong. This is not a party game. It is a game that could be played at a party. This may be a small deviation to you, but it truly is much more than what I would call a party game.

Age Range & Weight


12+. I think this is very accurate. It also has rules that say the more adult “deaths” and stories have a parental advisory. This is just smart editing.



I REALLY like Paranormal Detectives. It is just a lot of fun. It feels like so much more than a “party” game, so I did not call it such. It is a true gamer’s game, that could easily get a group at a party to enjoy it, and probably cause a lot of laughs and screams of frustration. 

I give this a highly unusual from me, GO OUT AND BUY THIS rating. If you like deduction at all, and enjoy playing games with people that may not be gamers, this could be your next favorite gateway game.

The game also includes a cooperative mode. This is something you should check out with your friends that prefer not competing. This in my estimation, is a very good thing.