PhotoFinish by PlanPlay Preview

Theme and What is It?

One of the great influences in my life, use to take me to see the ponies run, not the peonies, that would be entirely different. He loved reading the odds on any given race, and we both always loved the longshot. The amazing thing is that by and far, the odds-makers were 95% of the time, fairly accurate. They knew before the race started how the race would end. 

This doesn’t just apply to horses, it applies to any event where people want to bet on the outcome. How is it in basketball, the spread can be 3 points, and a team trails an entire game, just to come back at the end of the game to within 2 points, when they had been trailing by 30 the whole game? Some people blame this on Vegas odds-makers fixing sporting events. I find it hard to believe that every sporting event that is bet on has someone fixing it. 

This is where PhotoFinish comes in. In this game, you are trying to prognosticate who will come in first, thus scoring victory points. The theming is of a car race, but truly, it could be almost any event, and play similarly. 

Gameplay Mechanics

As a preview, we have not been able to sit down with the game. My understanding after having spent some time with the rules is that each round you are given Karts relative “speeds”, track conditions, and obstacles. You are then told to predict the outcome. Depending on how the game plays out, you score based on the accuracy of your predictions. 

Initial Impressions

Initially, I would call this a small filler. It allows for a different mechanic than some games, which could be of interest to many.

Quality of Components and Insert

The build quality is solid. There is nothing in here that catches my eye negatively, and that is good.

Artistic Direction

As a filler type game, the art is cutesy, and it works well for it. 

Fun Factor

Who doesn’t like knowing the future? Well, maybe the guy that knows his expiration date, but everything else is cool!

Difficulty and Age Range Suggestion

The age range is suggested at 10+. I would say that is pretty accurate. 


While I would like to get more time with this, to get it to table, it does seem like a solid filler. With so many HEAVY games in 2017, a few lighter games are very welcome. I am very interested to see what title PlanPlay bring out next!

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Originally posted 2017-12-18 19:20:35.