Planetarium by Game Salute Review

Planetarium by Game Salute Review 1

Theme and What is it?

Planetarium by Game Salute Review 2

You are in control of a forming galaxy, the Three Musketeers galaxy. The planets here have not yet been determined to be habitable or hostile and it is your job to decide this. Forming these rudimentary planets, gives you victory points based on the cards that are part of your hand. Once scoring victory points, the planets gain or lose hospitableness. End of game scoring is based on similar criteria, based on alignment of planets. 

You know, is the moon in the seventh house? 

Gameplay Mechanics

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You are steering either planets or matter on a collision course with each other. Upon impact, you gain the matter for your player board, on that specific planet. You can then complete your cards to gain victory points. 

The game could have been a simple abstract game, but using the planet theme, allows for a more robust experience.

Initial Impressions

Planetarium by Game Salute Review 6

The box is just beautiful. The game looks high quality from the start. 

Looking at this game, I wanted to play it. 

Game Build Quality

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The cards are high quality matte, nice fundtional plastics, and a nice board. I am not overly excited about the planets, but the rest of the game is very nice, and has a very nice presence.

Artistic Direction

Planetarium by Game Salute Review 10The art is very nice. It has instances where it could actually be photographs, though I think Mr. Vachon actually designed it all. 

I think it gives a rather nice aesthetic to a space themed game. It seems that so much of space games are either kidsy, or bloody. This is neither.

Fun Factor

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The movement of mass was an interesting idea. I do like that my 6 year old was able to grasp most concepts.

Most games seem toover complicate things. Planetarium does and did not.

Age Range & Weight

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10+ is the publuisher suggestion. I played it with my 6 year old, but she did not grasp the end game. She did beat me, so apparently neither did I.

I would say generally speaking, the age range is just about right.


I loved the art. It drew me to the box at #origins2018. 

Once it was open, and I experienced it, I liked it, but I do generally like abstracts. Granted this is a themed abstract, with a bit more gamification than normal, but an abstract nonetheless. 

This analysis does not detract from the game, rather I think it adds quite a bit of longevity. How many games from 5 years ago, do you still play that you were previously something you “loved”? For me, it is just a few, and quite a lot of them are abstracts.

All in all, this game will be put on the shelf.