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Prairie of Beetles – MOZI – Review

A sweet little game… practice important skills… quite portable… Just get them before they get away!

Matthew Kearns


Prairie of Beetles-Matt (2)

Theme and What is it?


In Prairie of Beetles, you compete against your friends to catch as many bugs as you can. Be sure to use the right tool to catch the bugs or they’ll get away!

Prairie of Beetles - MOZI - Review 1 Prairie of Beetles - MOZI - Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics



Prairie of Beetles-Matt (4)

The goal of the game is to catch the most beetles by the time the Beetle Deck is empty.


Prairie of Beetles-Matt (3)

Net and a Cage card are placed between the players and the Beetle Deck is shuffled and then is scattered between the players.  Determine the first player and he turns over the first card of the deck, setting it aside.


Prairie of Beetles-Matt (5)

On a player’s turn, he turns over a Beetle card and, if this card has a beetle that matches the color and/or type of beetle revealed during Setup, then the players try to catch the beetle by touching the revealed Beetle card and either the Net and/or the Cage card.  You cannot cross your arms to catch the beetle and, if you do, you lose a previously caught Beetle Card.

Prairie of Beetles-Matt (6)

Initial Impressions


The game is very simple and easy to pick up out of the box.  Being geared for younger players, it isn’t something that adults may like playing too much but kids will get raucous over it.

Prairie of Beetles-Matt (7)

Game Build Quality


The components are just playing cards. The cards are normal card stock with no special features to them.

Prairie of Beetles-Matt (8)

Artistic Direction


The beetle art is cute and fun, the kids will love it. Kind of reminds me of Powerpuff girls. The images are stock of the different beetle types with the colors changing between them.

Prairie of Beetles-Matt (9)

Fun Factor


The kids, even you, will get a kick out of trying tag the beetles and the correct capture card. It’s chaotic fun.

Prairie of Beetles-Matt (10)

Age Range & Weight


Age range and weight are just right, maybe even younger. There is little independent strategy but is a good game for color, pattern recognition and spatial awareness.

Prairie of Beetles-Matt (11)



Prairie of Beetles is a sweet little game that gets kids to practice important skills with a bit of fun. It can be used as a starter or in-between game when playing other games. It is quite portable and doesn’t take up much table space, so it can be played in the car or camping trips and such.

Prairie of Beetles-Matt (12)
Prairie of Beetles - MOZI - Review 7
Matthew Kearns
Systems engineer by day, gamer by night. Who knew a trip to GenCon could change things for ya? Wife loves the party games, my boys and I are up for almost anything at least once.

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Prairie of Beetles - MOZI - Review 8

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