FLASHBACK FRIDAY – Queen Of The Hill – Medieval Lords – Review

Queen of The Hill is a fun game that is a perfect filler when you need a quick fix.

Theme and What is it?

Assemble your army and prepare to attack. There can only be one queen of the hill and you must have the strongest force to overcome all of the others who want to scale the same summit.

Queen Of The Hill is a press your luck card game for 2-6 players and plays in 20-30 minutes.

Gameplay Mechanics

Queen of The Hill has a very simple press your luck mechanic. Players all draw from a central pile of cards. When they draw a card, they have two options. 1. Place that card face down in their battle zone. This zone is where they build their military strength. 2. Place the card face down in their keep zone. These cards do not do anything during the round in which they were placed in this zone. At the end of the round, cards in the keep zone are transferred to the ready zone. Cards in the read zone can use their special abilities. These abilities will vary from card type to card type and abilities can activate at different times in the round. 

The player who is drawing can choose to continue drawing as many cards as they want or until they draw a Dark One. When that happens, players lose all of their cards they have set in their battle zone and cannot win the round. After the drawing player chooses to stop pressing their luck and stops drawing, or when they draw a Dark One their turn ends and the next player takes their turn. 

After every player has had a turn, each player flips over all cards in their battle zone. Players compare strength totals. These totals can be affected by special abilities from cards in the ready zones if players want to use them. The player with the highest strength total wins the round. All battle zone cards and any other cards that were used are discarded and a new round begins. The first player to win two rounds is the winner!

Initial Impressions

Queen of The Hill was very easy to learn. I went through the rules and taught it to a couple of people in five minutes at the most. The card abilities took some time for everyone to become comfortable using. We finished our first game in about 20 minutes.

The overall game play was fun. I like push your luck games. Queen of The Hill also offers some great “gotcha” moments with the card abilities. Everyone I played with enjoyed it because it was fast paced and kept you on the edge of your seat.

Game Build Quality

There is nothing to the game except a box and the cards. They were both standard fairs. There is enough room in the box to allow sleeving if you want to go that route.

Artistic Direction

The anime style artwork is fun. I always like that style. All of the characters are female and it does get a little over sexualized for my taste. I played it with my daughter and she noticed it right away. She wondered why warriors would want to wear so little clothing if they were going to be battling. But that is how this style of artwork goes.

Fun Factor

What made everyone enjoy Queen of The Hill was how fast it moved and also when someone pressed their luck too much and drew a Dark One. It was especially entertaining when they had a lot of cards in their battle zone.  

Age Range & Weight

The age recommendation for Queen of The Hill is 10+. I think for game play that is a very reasonable suggestion. My 10-year-old daughter did pick up on the scantily clad women right away. It didn’t really bother her, she just thought it was funny. If you are worried about the artwork, I would suggest moving that age much higher and maybe even keep it away from teenage boys. Those bodies of raging hormones will really like the artwork.


Queen of The Hill is a fun game that is a perfect filler when you need a quick fix. Fast paced play and a short game duration make this a great option for a game to introduce to new board gamers. It is very easy, yet still has some depth to it.