Quick! Quick! Quick! – Activate Games – Review

"Truthfully, when this game was explained, I had the opposite initial reaction, to Fight Chiken. It just seemed cool. I liked the idea of being a first responder. "

Theme and What is it?

Quick! Quick! Quick! is a first responders game, about getting victims the necessary care, as quickly as possible. It is a timed game, that takes into account the scariness of a lack of time, as well as a an imperfect set of chips that will make you decide to either use some wilds or precious time finding the right tile.

Gameplay Mechanics

You will be pulling tiles blindly from a pile of rubble, these start turned over, and have rocks as art. It truly is rubble. 

You will then match the center item to things the victim needs on their tile, this could include, bread, water, first aid, or warm clothing. To dig out, you will need to use the symbols on the cards, hammers, picks, jacks, ropes, wood, to form pairs. The eight tiles surrounding the victim must have the right and needed goods. 

Initial Impressions

This is one of the games I saw when I found Fight! Chiken. Truthfully, when this game was explained, I had the opposite initial reaction, to Fight Chiken. It just seemed cool. I liked the idea of being a first responder. 

Game Build Quality

I think the review copy I received has probably been a demo copy. There is nothing wrong with that, but I cannot tell how it looks when it is brand new. The copy I saw, had some printing issues, and the cardboard looked used. 

I would hope a new copy would look better, and if their other titles are any indication, I presume the quality is probably top notch. 

Artistic Direction

The box art is cute, enjoy it tremendously. The actual game art is rather utilitarian and lacks much needed soul. 

I do not know what direction the artist intended, but I think artistically, the game misses the mark.

Fun Factor

Timed games are something people either tend to like, or not. I really wanted to enjoy this, but I just did not find common ground, despite wanting to find something special. 

I think there is a great tenseness in this game, just not one that calls to me.

Age Range & Weight

5+. I agree with this age range. My daughter is 7, and she really got into the timing factor, and understood the matching mechanic. As long as she could do that, understanding scoring was not necessary to the enjoyment of the game.


Like my photo above, this game lacked a focus for me. I understood the theme, and understood the game. It just missed the mark.

With that being said, my daughter loves it. She likes the timer based points, and the ability to steal tiles once they are turned over. I can see a younger audience really enjoying this game. Perhaps for me, I was hoping for more depth, that wasn’t there. With that being said, Activate has two incredible games in Fight! Chiken and Fight! Chiken 2. You owe it to yourself to check out at least one of those titles.