Reef Route – Brain Games – Review




Programming in a kids game. If you were to ask me about this idea, prior to playing, I would as a father say, “it ain’t happening.” 

However, Reef Route works well, and it is exciting to make the shark eat your dad, sister, brother, or neighbor. 

The idea behind Reef Route, is that you have 2 dice. Each of these dice will move either a fish or a predator. You can move the predator where it will be most advantageous to you, or to where it will eat the most of other players as quickly as possible. 

I like underwater themed games. I have no logical reason for this. 

The game looks nice, plays quickly, and is easy to comprehend.

The board is solid, the dice appropriately chunky, and cardboard thick. My father said, you know kids will spill drinks on this game, and ruin it. He might be right, but it is also our job as parents to alleviate that as much as possible in this hobby by teaching appropriate board game table manners, including not having drinks nearby, if we are even remotely clumsy.


Come on, who doesn’t love a good landshark? A Sharknado?

I added these two terms to entertain adults, as the art is meant for kids, and it is cute, and clean. I like it.

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The game is rated at 5+, and I would tend to agree with that assessment. The pieces have all been designed with choking hazards in mind, and it is simple enough that even a child that couldn’t count, could play with help.

Moreover, more than agreeing with the assessment, I believe it is also accurate, due to having to think ahead. Much younger than 5 would not enjoy this game, unless they just liked playing with the shark pieces.


Sorry, I know I did that already, but in a game about sharks, I cannot help myself. Brain Games sent us 3 games for review, and as a daddy, I easily like Reef Route best. I think given time my daughter will see this as the most played title as between Reef Route, King Frog, and Woo-Hoo!, as the replayability has more to do with the ability to think forward, rather than just blindly following the game’s path. 

For that reason, I would give this game a HOLIDAY FAMILY BUY rating for MeepleGamers. 

I leave you with one last thought, ShaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrKKKKKK!