Rick and Morty: The Rickshank Rickdemption Deck-Building Game – Cryptozoic Entertainment – Review

Unsurprisingly, the Rickshank Rickdemption is swimming in references to the Season 3 premier of Rick and Morty on adult swim.  So much of it is just instantly a Boo-Yaa! 

Theme and What is it?

The theme?  Rick and Morty!  More specifically?  The Rickshank Rickdemption!  What is it?  A Deck-Building game!  If that theme and general game mechanic do not mean anything to you, this game will be missing some of its luster until you watch the show and play some other Deck-Building games.  If you do know of these, then you need to know precious little else.  Jerry is useless.  Wait, you probably knew that…

Gameplay Mechanics

The Rickshank Rickdemption Deck-Building Game is exactly what it claims to be: a deck-building game.  Players start with the same starting deck and a unique power card.  Then, as players add more cards to their deck, they can start to play powerful combinations and eventually take down Cornvelious Daniel.

Players will battle through an entire Seal Team Rick team before one player will topple the Galactic Federation President to end the game.  A quick count of card values acquired will determine the victor.  The portal gun mechanic is the most immediately enjoyable part of the game and offers the benefits of various alternate location cards.

Initial Impressions

Unsurprisingly, the Rickshank Rickdemption is swimming in references to the Season 3 premier of Rick and Morty on adult swim.  So much of it is just instantly a Boo-Yaa! The game can be combined with Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind Deck-Building Game.

Game Build Quality

The cards are standard quality.  There are a few punchboard tokens.  There are absolutely no components lacking or surprising to find in a deck-building game.  Cryptozoic Entertainment was also nice enough to print a single card with a different back design as it is always the last Nemesis card to be drawn.

Artistic Direction

Well, it is from the show… So this Rick and Morty game doesn’t have any credited artists and is purely imagry from the show.  It is exactly what you expect and packed full of familiar characters, moments, and even… a Fabricated Origins Story.

Fun Factor

The game can play as seriously or as silly as the group would like.  You might seriously attempt to acquire Seal Team Rick members and take down the Galactic Federation President.  But, the game will pull you back and force you to lament the short lifespan of that SPECIAL Szechuan Sauce you are one power short of acquiring.  And then it is gone.  Forever.  Merely a memory.

The laughs over cards like Szechuan Sauce and Jerry are the best parts of the game.  His utter uselessness and almost complete lack of gameplay mechanics is wonderful.

Age Range & Weight

17+ is completely fair as a warning to parents.  But it isn’t because the game is tough to play.  It is for content.  Rick and Morty is an adult swim show for a reason. While nothing is too bad, I did need to review my images and make sure no rear anatomy images or words were showing.

Parents can relax this limit way down if they wish; but, if they want kids not to see these things they should say “Boo-Nah”.  Then play it with other adults.


If you enjoy the Rick and Morty brand, this will be right up your alley.  If you enjoy Deck-Building Games, this will be another to try and likely will influence you to go watch some Rick and Morty.

Go watch the episode being referenced and if you enjoy it go get the game to share with friends.  If you don’t like either, don’t waste your time as it has a very targeted market who will buy and enjoy this game.

If you are not a fan and don’t run out to pick this up right away, it likely wont hurt Cryptozoic Entertainment’s nor my own feelings.