Rick & Morty: The Pickle Rick Game – Cryptozoic – Review

"What a cool packaging idea! It's a novelty display item and game in one! Definitely a good buy for collectors of the Rick & Morty realm."

Rachael Blaske


Theme and What is it?


Based on the “Pickle Rick” episode of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, this is a fun little chance to act out the escape of Pickle Rick from Jaguar and the Russians.

As a theme, this isn’t my favorite, but to each his own.

Gameplay Mechanics


The tile board is dynamic and gameplay allows rotation to keep things fluid. Also, there is varied methods of movement dependent on your character role since Pickle Rick is a little guy who can utilize air vents to get out of sticky situations.

Basically, it’s a flip and move activated by dice rolling and as you encounter opposition, you inflict damage by your equipped weapon (gun, laser, etc).

Let’s take a look at a turn sequence.

1. Roll 4 dice
2. Re-roll unsaved dice once
a. Russians get 1 per Guard in play (max 4)
b. Pickle Rick may re-roll up to 4 dice,
but subtracts 1 from his maximum
number of re-rolls for each foe who
can see him
3. Spend the dice
4. End of turn

Game ends when Pickle Rick either runs out of cards or reaches the rooftop. Also, if the tile stack or Pickle Rick’s hitpoints are empty.

Initial Impressions


What a cool packaging idea! It’s a novelty display item and game in one!

Definitely a good buy for collectors of the Rick & Morty realm.

Game Build Quality


Chipboard and cards are standard, with custom dice. The standees are ok. Fell over on occasion so if they wanted to put any more production quality into it, I’d sink my dollars there.

Also, with only 2 miniatures, it would be fun to get them painted. By far, the most unique build element is the box being a sculpted piece. There is a little frustration with getting it closed, so pitching the insert might have to happen.

Artistic Direction


Licensed IP here dictates the art style embraced by the Adult Swim crowd. Very “Simpsons” feel, in keeping with the cartoon style of the show.

Fun Factor


I think the allure of licensed IP is that players are typically already invested in the story and universe. Immersion adds a ton to the fun factor.

Age Range & Weight


Subject matter of the show dictates the age range on this one. Something else to consider with younger players is the art style of Pickle Rick himself being a construct of a pickle and cat skeleton. He sports some blood in the art that may turn off some family.

Also, with the take that mechanism, you are shooting a gun for damage in case that method of aggression is a trigger for some.



I think that the theme of the episode being the escape from the compound was cute and added to the urgency of the gameplay. Having several mechanisms incorporated definitely adds to engagement as you have a lot to keep your interest.

The tension build as you reached the roof was very satisfying and I think fans of the license will be really happy with it!