Ringmaster: Welcome to the Big Top – Stoneblade Entertainment – Review

It is fun! It is quirky! The artwork is fantastic. The game style totally fits the theme and artwork. I have nothing bad to say about it.

Mary Crabtree

Meeple Gamers


Theme and What is it?


The carnival has come to town! It is up to you to have the best act and claim the ultimate title of Ringmaster! Hire stars, construct attractions and send underhanded sideshows over to disrupt your opponents’ carnivals!

Gameplay Mechanics


There are few games easier than Ringmaster! There are four different card types: Attractions, Stars, Sideshows, and Events.

On your turn, draw a card and then play a card. It is that simple! The win conditions change throughout the game and are on the Attraction cards as you play them.

Attraction cards and Star cards are always played in front of the player who played the card.

Sideshow cards manipulate the game in different ways and can be played in front of any player.

Event cards are always played, resolved and then discarded.

Once a player meets a win condition in front of them, the game ends!

Initial Impressions


Box art implies that the game may be more serious than it is, so I was skeptical about how much game could be in the small box. After reading the rules and reviewing the cards, I could see this would be a great filler.

Game Build Quality


The game is one deck of 34 tarot-sized cards. The cards are good quality and it provides a “stylish carrying pouch” if you wish to store them in it versus the box.

Artistic Direction


It is fun! It is quirky! The artwork is fantastic. The game style totally fits the theme and artwork. I have nothing bad to say about it.

Fun Factor


We played this multiple times in a row. The win conditions constantly changing throughout the game made it interesting. Sometimes you would forget who was working towards what and then also forget that the win condition changed.
I really enjoyed the sideshow cards. One card, “Train’s Leavin”, basically reset the game and then the card was removed from the game. I thoroughly enjoyed playing that card since it was close to a win for a player.

Age Range & Weight


There is no age suggestion on the box. The game is very simplistic. If you can read the cards, you can play.

There is some mild strategy in timing but very minute where this could be played with a mixed audience.



WE ALL LOVED THIS GAME and played it multiple times in a row because some rounds only lasted about 5 minutes as the box suggests. This makes it the perfect filler to play in between longer games. This is high on my list with Love Letter in the genre of filler games. This will definitely get more table time.