Rolled West – Tasty Minstrel Games – Preview

This game will definitely make my smaller game shelf. Besides, who can say no to a roll and write that is future proof?

Josh Hale



Theme and What is it?


You are running a mining operation. You want the most Gold, Silver and/or Copper which will translate into victory points. The premise of the game is quite simple, and there are a million different combinations of how to do things, like most roll & writes. 

However, when you make certain actions, it makes those actions unavailable for your opponents. This is pretty cool.

Gameplay Mechanics


This is a roll & write, on D12’s. They don’t really change the game much, from a D6, as they are actually more like D4’s. Yes, I know that was a lot of D’s. The point is, you roll dice, and they do something for you. 

During other players turns, you may bank one die. During your turn, you may do the same, up to 2 per round.

The gameplay is really simple and direct, but the choices are very satisfying. I did not notice any major cascading effects like some roll & writes, beyond the end game bonuses. 

Initial Impressions


I internally hate that I am often underwhelmed with the roll & write genre from a first impression point of view. 

Sadly this is not an exception. I had an underlying feeling, as a TMG game, I would probably enjoy it. But, dice pen and paper, just underwhelm me. It is SO unfair of me. I’m kind of a jerk.

Game Build Quality


Again, dice pen and paper (though the paper here is a rewrite-able board). 

TMG regularly puts out the best quality in terms of components, and this is no exception. A slight complaint is the dice heat transfer was incomplete for several of the dice. This means though we could make out the resources, they weren’t crisp. This could be a pre-final complete version of the dice. So, I expect them to be fixed by final print.

Artistic Direction


This is likely where my biggest disconnect comes with roll and writes. 

The art is always for me, seemingly bland. The symbology is good. But rather meh. 

Fun Factor


Here is the disconnect mentally for me, I love roll and writes. This does not line up at all with my initial impressions. 

This game is certainly no exception. It is an Essen release, and I am considering TAKING it to Essen with me for the joy of playing it on the airplane en route. 

This means the game is certainly going the wrong direction across the Atlantic! 

Age Range & Weight


14+. The game is approachable by someone much younger than 14. However, the critical analysis to be able to be successful at the scoring combinations will require higher functioning math. 

Therefore, I would say to enjoy the game 14+ is smart. To learn the game and mechanic, 8+ would easily be acceptable, but I don’t think they will win many games.



I really like Rolled West. It is clean, simple and I think I would enjoy playing it repeatedly, and can imagine getting it to table fairly often. 

I also played it alone, and though it was not designed for that, I like the idea of beating myself with my previous score. 

This game will definitely make my smaller game shelf. Besides, who can say no to a roll and write that is future proof? This is for me, a no-brainer buy rating.