Room-25: Ultimate

Theme and What is It?

Have you seen the seminal hit Cube? Or maybe Cube 2: Hybpercube? Perhaps Cube Zero, or as I like to call it, Cube-cubed.

If you have not seen these movies, and you enjoy a light romp with comic flair, and puppy dogs, you may not want to watch these movies. They are horror-luxe. These movies have nothing to do with Glemaing the Cube, but I always liked the title.

Room-25 Ultimate is Cube in board game form. Every action has an known or unknown consequence, and each movement is either punished, or punished severely. There are a few movements that are helpful. The rest, are not. Each movement makes the board move, except for the middle room. This means, it is also a game of memory. Whether or not your player will survive depends on luck, good memory, and a keen eye for observation in traitor mode. 


Gameplay Mechanics

Use an action tile, there are four basic moves, move, look, flip, or change. 

If you used the move action, you must review how the room affects you.

When you use action tile, you must complete action, then you must pick up a card that changes the board, and sometimes a couple times, or it takes away your character’s ability to perform some actions. 

Then you move on to the next player. 

After all players have moved, the countdown timer also moves. The 2nd player now becomes first, and first becomes last. This continues until you win, or die.

If three players die, you die cubed (which was the only reference to the movie I could insert here).

Initial Impressions

I liked the idea of a moving board game. What I had a hard time with initially was the instructions. 

This is a common theme with me personally. I would love to have publishers on every game, do a SUPER EASY setup, and a SUPER EASY run through, to get us started. It seems my wishes are not to be answered anytime soon.

Quality of Components and Insert

The board is made up of small squares that constantly change. The minis are cute and work.

Love the robots.

Artistic Direction

A game with moving board game pieces, and minis cannot get overly artistic just due to the nature of the game. 

All art is adequate for what the game is trying to express. I enjoyed the game for the sake of the game. I guess the only thing that would add to it would be full on cubes, but, that would also add a huge cost, and not add much in terms of value to the game.

I think the art direction is precisely what it needs to be.

Fun Factor

Fans of horror, more specifically Cube, Cube 2, Cube Zero, Cube 33 and a third, Cube Cubed, or Mary Poppins may like this game (Mary Poppins was a scary movie if I remember right), will like Room-25 Ultimate. We played only cooperative mode, and still thoroughly enjoyed the movement of the tiles, and the scariness of the board completely changing. 

We lost dramatically, because we didn’t know how to win. We won’t make that mistake twice, maybe.

Difficulty and Age Range Suggestion

The age range suggested is 10+. I would say this is generally accurate. However, some kids can be sensitive, even to on board “death”. Do be aware of that if your child is particularly sensitive. 

Intellectually it will largely depend on whether the game is played CoOp or Traitor mode as to whether age range is accurate. My daughter, MUCH younger could play CoOp, she would just get bored.


I generally find a game that is loosely based on a “license”, meaning it is just using the idea of the other title, rather than the IP, seem to be better reincarnations of the underlying idea. 

This is not Cube the game. However, if they made Cube the game, it would not be as good. This is fun, and a blast to watch someone get nervous they will not make it out alive. 

The problem is, when you die, you have nothing to do, making the game rather boring if you die. I mean, I know death is not supposed to be fun, but this is fake death, it should be kind of fun…

All in all, a rather nice game, with two modes that both work well depending on the audience. If you like CoOp, this might make it on your buy list.

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