Sagrada: 5 & 6 Player Expansion – Floodgate Games – Review

"The expansion much like its predecessor, was made well, and the sheer amount of dice is nutso, and so welcome."

Theme and What is it?

You are still making stained glass windows. Only this time around, you have been doing it long enough that you have some of your own supplies, and don’t rely only on your patrons to supply your stained glass.

You sir are a stained glass window artist, that has made their name known. Sadly, your name is not that exciting, you are Mr. 5-6 Player Expansion…

Gameplay Mechanics

The game plays much like the original, though you are only pulling one dice per round from the joint dice, and one from the private dice. This in theory makes the dice selection much faster. As you can see, you now have loads of dice, to supplement an additional two players.

Initial Impressions

The name of the expansion has got to be one of the most boring names ever. I know it gets the point across, but frankly I feel it misses the mark. The thing that strikes me as most different about the game is the private dice.

This has the possibility of moving the game forward much faster. It also allows a player to plan ahead a little. I just wish Floodgate would have thought of a name that would have better illustrated that new mechanic.

Game Build Quality

The expansion much like its predecessor, was made well, and the sheer amount of dice is nutso, and so welcome. The dice tray is now included, though I had one from the kickstarter.

The player boards are incredible to look at as the stained glass gets built. As I have said before, it truly does convey the idea of building stained glass windows.

Artistic Direction

The only change in the art is two new player boards, and rondels that allow for dice to be inserted. I hope in the next printing of Sagrada, they include 5-6 players, and just add the cutouts to the player board which already has cutouts. I think it would add simplicity, and the art could better line up.

With that being said, the player boards have a beauty few games do, so props Peter Wocken.

Fun Factor

If you loved Sagrada, you will likely like the expansion. If you did not, there is nothing so earth shattering in the expansion that it will change your mind.

For those that never played Sagrada, I think Floodgate hit the name nail on the head for that audience (though I personally still find it a bit boring namewise). That audience will only likely want to buy the expansion if they think they will want to play with 5 or 6 players. The private dice element is almost a promo level of an upgrade, and could easily be rolled into the next base game print. It would also make the 5-6 player expansion more cost effective, as it would include less parts.

Age Range & Weight

14+. I think this is mostly due to the small swallowable dice. The game could easily be played by someone 10+, and my daughter who is 7 can play, though the end game scoring eludes her.

I would argue the game is actually truly a 12+, or even less mentally, but I do understand why a publisher wants to evade the testing process for a younger audience selection.


I fell in love with the idea of Sagrada when I saw it on Kickstarter, all that time ago. It just made sense, from an aesthetic and play point of view.

I have to admit, the additional mechanic felt glued on, so I understand why Floodgate chose to focus on the extra players. With that being said, I enjoy the new mechanic, and it is nice that it was included in the expansion. Playing with extra players in this game can be a frantic mess, as the last person to pick their die will almost never get what they want. This makes completing your player board quite difficult. The extra mechanic evens that out some, and is a welcome addition, especially at higher player numbers.

This game will continue to reside on my top shelf, though, just a little heavier.