Shadow Rivals – Moaideas – Review

Do you have a favorite publisher that is not your classic American or Euro publisher? For me, Moaideas is nearly at the top of the heap.

Josh Hale



Theme and What is it?


You are a cat burglar, robbing from the rich, and giving to yourself. No one said this is a charity! 

You will have a set of cards that each do different things and use different amounts of time to use. Ultimately, you want to have the most power on each mansion to take their goodies. 

How successful you are depends on your neighbors power, and their sub-powers which can negate some of what you do. 

While this is a deck-builder lite, style game, it has a lot of take-that elements that feel good. But, how does it play?

Gameplay Mechanics


Moaideas has distilled the idea of a deck builder down to its bare bones. This is what they are famous for, and why we at MeepleGamers have liked their games so very much. 

Here you have a deck which you will add to, but once you use the new powers, they will go away. The goal is to add as much power to each mansion as possible via your cards’ innate power. 

When you have the most power, as outlined above, you would get the most points; second, second-most points and so on.

Initial Impressions


This game is very pretty and very artistic. I personally like the anime style. I assume it will not be a style that all people will like in the current American culture of removing anything remotely sexual from all things, sterilizing anything that does not fit into the view of politically correct.

Regardless, based on the gameplay described to me by the Moaideas team, I was ready to play this game. 

Game Build Quality


The game us built to the Nth for what is basically a card game. 

The card stock is fantastic, and even the cards are holographic (at least the upgrades are). This game is above serviceable, it is quite attractive in its build quality.

Artistic Direction


I love the anime style with the big eyes and powerization of the feminine. 

This game for me reaks of Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman. She was ultimately powerful and still very feminine. These ideas are not mutually exclusive. 

These female cat burglars remind me of that so very much. I find myself being worried if they were invited to a dinner party at my home. Obviously all I have of value is board games, but maybe they like my board games… 

Fun Factor


The fun of this game is mostly at a higher player count in my opinion. It gives more of a anything goes battle royale with higher numbers. 

That being said, I like the play of the cards, and how they ultimately interact with each other. I never knew who would win a mansion, or if I would get the points. I mean, I could have, but I was busy playing the interaction of the cards, and just trying to make things happen. I was focused more on the play, than on winning. 

I find that style of game VERY satisfying.

Age Range & Weight


12+ is the suggested age range. 

The complexity is not great, and I would tend to agree that number is nearly ideal. Be conscious, if comic book cute bothers you for your children, this could become an issue.



So far, each Moaideas game I have played, I have found to have an entirely different “soul” than American or Euro-style games. 

This is meant as a compliment of great regard. Not all games have to play the same or fit ALL audiences. This game, like all Moadieas games, will fit its correct audience, and I think they like me, will enjoy it. It will make my game shelf and will be a game I encourage others to try when I have a sufficient player count. 

Do you have a favorite publisher that is not your classic American or Euro publisher? For me, Moaideas is nearly at the top of the heap.