Smash Up : Oops, You Did It Again – AEG – Review

If you like the original, pick this expansion up as it will make for some great new smash up deck combinations.

Theme and What is it?

It is Smash Up!  A hit game many players will recognize.  In Smash Up, players take two decks of faction cards and shuffle them together to make their game deck.  Oops, You Did It Again is a fan requested expansion offering 4 new Factions. The game has a light feel and just tries to juxtapose distinct factions together into a unique deck that will behave differently than any other combination. Who doesn’t want to see mechanized fire breathing mummies taking on Alien Vikings from another world?

Gameplay Mechanics

Ancient Egyptians offer a new “bury” mechanic to put out cards face down and uncover them at the start of future turns or with special powers.  Cowboys offer dueling to pick off enemy minions or gain advantages by having the stronger minions. Samurai also embrace dueling but with a different rewards structure.  Vikings raid and pillage from enemy decks and cards. These two core mechanics keywords and the unique new powers each faction deck offers will give countless new smash ups with the original or other expansions and keep players entertained for hundreds more games trying out every pairing.

Initial Impressions

I love a good Smash Up battle so I was looking forward to the new factions.  Vikings and Egyptians are immediately my favorites just for the theme. Cowboys don’t do it for me and Samurai are alright.  But these are the fan requested ones so I am sure those factions will be exciting to a lot of other players that just don’t happen to be me.  They all have some cool cards so each faction will be welcome in play.

Game Build Quality

It is cards!  And some tokens for tracking bonus power counters and/or victory points.  Pretty simple construction! I am quite happy with the quality of the cards and how well they match the previous game’s print runs as mixing cards can be really frustrating if not completely identical.  They also included very nice divider cards for storing the sets in collectors boxes or alternate inserts.

Artistic Direction


The artwork is relatively light, simple and fun.  I particularly liked the Egyptian lost knowledge card with an AEG FAQ tome.  There are a few nice little bonus features added into the art for those who pay attention.  Those easter eggs are always a welcome feature in game art and make everyone smile when they catch on.  

Fun Factor

Well…  When you watch someone bury some cards to reveal later so they could win fights and you then steal them using your viking pillaging maneuvers just to ultimately attack them with their own best cards…  How can that NOT be fun!? In typical form for Smash Up, lots of exciting things will happen and sometimes it will go your way and sometimes it wont. There are plenty of back and forths to the game but in the end playing carefully matters more than the possible “your deck combination is just better than mine” complaint.  

Age Range & Weight


14+ is way too high.  I have played more Smash Up with 7-12 year old children than I have with adults.  The 12 rating on the base game for Smash Up is already too high in my opinion but maybe the use of guns and creepy undead mummies has made them upgrade the rating?  I mean mummies are much more mature content than zombies right? Every family can make their own judgements on age range for a game like this.


Oops, You Did It Again is another great expansion to Smash Up! We really enjoyed each of the new factions (I preferred the Viking and Ancient Egyptians like I expected to).  There are some really enjoyable bases in the new options as well as the factions themselves. If you like the original, pick this expansion up as it will make for some great new smash up deck combinations.  The complete works are a popular purchase with a game like this as each new combination possibility keeps the game from ever being too similar to any previous plays and lets players keep discovering all sorts of new “broken” card combos.