Someone Has Died by Gather Round Games – Review


An excellent Role-Play party game for the right group.

Steve mayne



Theme and What is it?


*Note* Copy of the game provided by publisher for review purposes.

You are invited on this solemn occasion to attend the reading execution of a dear friends will. They have left a piece to be distributed to one individual from a selection of…friends? Please attend at your convenience for the discussion, decision, and distribution of the inheritance.

Someone has died is a party game where you will take on the role of one of a small group of people competing to be the one person who receives an item of inheritance. Over the course of the game you will explain you side, question other players, and try to move the executor to your plight before a decision is made.

Are you the most sympathetic? Can you get the executor to see your true worth? Will you be the one to inherit the treasure of a lost friend?


Sit down. Let’s hear your story.

Gameplay Mechanics


Someone Has Died is roleplay party game where one player will act as an executor/ judge. The rest of the players will be the guests attending the reading of the will. Play begins with the executor explain the identity of the deceased and what item has been set to be given to the appropriate player.

Each other player will receive a character by drawing cards from three different decks. They receive one Identity card that gives a basic idea of who they are. A relationship card to define how they knew the deceased. The final two cards are backstory cards that denote events from their life.

Players will then take turns introducing themselves and explaining how each card is important to why they deserve the inheritance. After this the executor will pass each player a new backstory card and ask the player a question about the new card and how it applies to their worthiness. This is followed by a round where the players may all ask one other player a question. There is a final round where players draw another backstory and give their closing statements. These should include the new card and why it’s important to who they are and why they should win.

There is also a mechanic for objection cards. These may be rewarded to players throughout the game by the executor. A objection card may be handed out for multiple reasons including a particularly good bit of roleplaying, excellent answer to a question, they made the judge laugh, or it’s Tuesday. (It is a fickle process.) These can be played at any time and effect another player, forcing them to incorporate the new card into their story.


After everyone has gone the executor chooses a winner 

When I first heard about this game I went and checked out a couple of videos on YouTube. My initial impression was interested but a little worried about how the game would work in some groups. 

Game Build Quality


The game is a deck of cards. They are very nice quality cards; sturdy with a nice finish. They have nice corners and look to take wear well.

Artistic Direction


The art in Someone Has Died is pretty simple, it’s a few steps above stick figure. I don’t mean that in a bad way. It fits the theme well and is far better than the traditional black cards with white text. 

Fun Factor


This is a role-play game of funny interactions, ridiculous characters, and silly situations. Winner is entirely up to the fickle nature of the judge. You’ll spend most of your time playing your character.

Age Range & Weight


The box says 13+ and I think that’s pretty perfect. The rules are fairly simple and younger players could handle them easily. However, some of the thematic elements might be considered a bit too much for some parents.



I think this is a pretty good game but with a condition. You have to have the exact right group to play this. If you like Fiasco then this is a good game for you. Winner is entirely based on one person’s opinion, the cards you get will either go well together or fall completely apart. You have to be comfortable being silly in a group. Honestly, the Fiasco comment probably let you know if you’ll like this game or not.

I will say I had a bit of trouble with the designation of party game for this one. While I haven’t tried it yet I think the best way to play this game would be as a party game in the same sense that How to Host a Murder is a party game. If you create everyone’s persona ahead of time and send it to them in an invitation; I think that could be a real cool evening.

I think the game works better at higher player counts. You can have a game at three players but I think it is more functional at five and six where there’s more interaction.


As always, I caution you to try a game before you buy it. Get it from your local game store, club, or convention and give it a try with some friends. 

Before I go I just want to say I hope you’re doing well. We sometimes have setbacks in life and it’s very easy to focus on those and forget all of the good things we have. If you find yourself falling into that cycle please take a moment and breath. Try and think about all of the things in your life that are going in your direction and take some solace in that. Be well my friends.