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"You play as a powerful Sorcerer (go figure) who wishes to prove their lineage is the greatest in the world."

Jordan Macnab, Writer


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Theme and What is it?


Sorcerer is a very deep fantasy based card game filled with mystical creatures and fantastical places all beautifully depicted with some of the best art work I’ve seen for a long time… but I’ll talk about that more shortly.

You play as a powerful Sorcerer (go figure) who wishes to prove their lineage is the greatest in the world.  


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Gameplay Mechanics


Each player drafts a Character, Lineage and Domain at the beginning of the game making the combination possibilities quite extensive just with the base game card sets. 

Then each player has 6 actions to take before each battle phase. The actions are taken in turns and vary from gaining energy to playing cards onto the field against a specific area. 

Once all players have used all of their actions, you move to the battle phase. In turn order each player attacks areas based on where they have placed their avatar. The defender allocates damage to either their minions or the location. However, when the damage level reaches 12 that area is destroyed and the player who did the damage wins control of that area. 

When all minions have been exhausted, the battle phase ends and it goes back to the action phase where all actions reset, you establish the next first player and how much energy you start with for that round. 

The rounds continue like that until someone destroys two areas. 

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Initial Impressions


Everything about Sorcerer draws you in from the stunning art and UV spotting on the box to the incredible art work throughout the game. 

This game is exciting to look at and it makes you want to dive in as soon as possible.

One small negative I would say when poring through the rules for the first time is that the book could use some work to make it more comprehensible. I didn’t like the reference sheet being in the middle of the rule book, this really should have been the back page as with most games these days. Tiny Niggle.

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Game Build Quality


I cant say anything negative about the build quality of Sorcerer. You can tell that that when the creators promised quality upgrades during the kickstarter campaign they meant it. 

The player boards are double sided with two very distinctive looks and the cards are of a very high quality.

The avatar standees are a nice touch and I’m shocked they didn’t end up using mini’s consider how the board game market goes these days. However, after speaking to one of the designers this was seemingly done so more characters can be added with minimal cost which I like a lot.

One minor gripe I would possibly have would be the amount of dice provided. The quality of the dice is excellent but why 7? With modifiers in the game its quite easy to need more than 7 dice for a minion attack. Not a major issue obviously and can be easily resolved by added a dice pack in the future.  

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Artistic Direction


WOW!!! Just WOW!!!!

I almost don’t want to say anything more to force you to check this out like the evil sorcerer that I am. 

What I will say is that every character, lineage and domain feels very different not just because of the game play style but very much because of the art. Its a testament to the artist behind this project how they have made everything feel unique. 

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Fun Factor


This game is filled with deep strategy and a lot of push your luck mechanics that keep you thinking right up until the end. Characters make you feel powerful and minions add to your ever growing army. Then using attachments and sorcery just bolsters your forces. 

Every time I drew cards I had no idea what to expect and was always pleasantly surprised. I’ve enjoyed every game of Sorcerer so far that’s for sure. 

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Age Range & Weight


14+ seems about right to me… the horror fantasy art style alone would potentially scare some kids. Also, the complexity of the game would possibly turn a lot of younger kids away from Sorcerer. 

The timing seems pretty spot on as well. I have seen games last a little as 15 minutes but that’s with players who have hammered the game. Generally most games seem to last around an hour. Makes this way heavier than something like Star Realms but in a really good way. 

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I am a massive fan of Star Realms so I came into this game with very very high expectations… As you might be able to tell I have not been disappointed. 

The art is amazing, the game play is solid and the component quality is top end. 

I would recommend this to pretty much any gamer type… unless high fantasy and graphic art doesn’t do it for you then it might be worth giving it a miss… for everyone else, just panic buy it now, then you can join me in waiting impatiently for the expansions. Good job White Wizard Games