SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY – Soy What? – Preview

Soy What Cover

Soy What?! is an adorable filler game that would be great for a group of relaxed gamers or families - I'd recommend it to anyone that likes a good pun or adorable art!

Beth Johnson



Theme and What is it?


You’re either a meat-eater or a vegan with some sort of allergy, and you’re hungry! During the game, you’re trying to collect the most delicious meals with items you can actually eat while keeping the other players from doing the same.

Gameplay Mechanics


In this game, you’re trying to collect food. Each food card has a color (red, yellow, green) and a point value, and possibly an allergen. Vegans can only score points for yellow or green foods. Meat eaters can only score points for yellow or red foods. If you end up with a food that you’re allergic to, you won’t score any points for the whole game!

On every turn, a player has two options – contribute to the meal, or take the meal. To contribute to the meal, you take a card from your hand and place it in the center of the table. The card you place must have a unique point value relative to other foods already in the meal unless it is a point value of 1. If the card you want to add to the meal has the same point value as an existing card in the meal but it’s a different color, you can swap it. If you take the meal, first check that it is at least worth 6 points total, then set the cards aside.

There are also some cards that can be played anytime (fortune or misfortune cookie, morality cards) – these cards can help you or hurt your opponents, so use them wisely. When all the cards are used, the game ends, and players tally the points from their meals. The person with the most meal points wins!

Initial Impressions


The rules were a little bit hard to figure out since they were printed on cards and we weren’t sure which order to read them in, but after reading the website we were on a roll (like butter – not vegan, by the way).

While one of us was reading the rules, the rest of us were looking at all of the adorable food items and reading puns – this game is extremely cute and seemed like it would be a fun and light filler.

Game Build Quality


The only components were cards, which were standard thickness and good quality. No complaints here. The box was sized appropriately to fit the cards, though it’ll probably need a rubber band to stay closed for transit.

Artistic Direction


The art is one of my favorite parts of the game! I love the personification of inanimate objects and this game is full of food with faces (and puns). The iconography of the allergens on each card was easy to understand and was helpful. I think the background on the yellow-numbered cards could have been toned down a bit so it didn’t distract as much from the food item, but that is my only criticism.

Fun Factor


The vibe was silly and most of the fun came from the “take that” mechanisms of the misfortune and morality cards. The morality cards allow you to reject a food item in a meal on the grounds of it being immoral but you are required to relate the food item to the reason on the card, which led to some unsubstantiated but funny explanations. Reading the puns also added to the fun. While there is some strategy in the game, you’ll have more fun if you don’t take it too seriously.

Age Range & Weight


The suggested age is 7+ according to the designer, and that seems spot on. The basic strategy involves trying to figure out what roles your opponents have and give them food accordingly, which could be assisted with some leading questions from adult players. There isn’t much potential for AP as your hand size is small and there are limited options, though the game can feel a little longer if you have someone trying to over-optimize.



Soy What?! is an adorable filler game that would be great for a group of relaxed gamers or families. I’d also recommend it to anyone that likes a good pun or adorable art!