Star Trek Adventures RPG: Alpha Quadrant Source Book – Modiphius Entertainment – Review

I think this is a nice addition.

Steve Mayne



Theme and What is it?


Welcome back to the universe of Star Trek. This is a supplement for the Star Trek Adventures Role Play Game. This game allows players to take on the roles of members of a Federation Starship as it travels about the universe encountering iconic races, characters, and situations found in the various Star Trek films, television programs, cartoon, comic books, novels, and video games. With the help of a Game Master, they can forge their own adventures or follow in the footsteps of other characters.

What does it add?


The Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook fleshes out some Alpha Quadrant information that was not included in the core book for Star Trek adventures. The book mostly focuses on adding things found in the Next Generation (TNG) Era with a bit from the Animated Series. It includes new Life Paths (races) and some additional ships and cultures that can be encountered. It also covers a bit of the different territories that appear in some later season episodes for TNG and Deep Space 9 (DS9).  

In addition to the rules, there’s plenty of history, adventure hooks, and locations that can be used for setting your campaign and adventures.

What does it fix/ break?


This sourcebook offers no new rules beyond stats for creating new species. It doesn’t significantly alter the game, it only offers new options moving forward.

Do I want this?


If you’re running a TNG era adventure, then I’d say yes for the inclusion of the Ferengi, Cardassians, and Bajoran’s. It also includes location like the Bad Lands, and several of the Frontier borders between the Federation and other species. It also includes things like the Tholians to give a nice feel to those stories.

The history section is great, but if you’re a devoted fan or frequently use Memory Alpha, you’ll know or have access to most of this information, anyway. It is nice to have it in bite-sized chunks that you can point to.

Do I need this?


As with want, this is going to come down to preference. I enjoy having it because it gives me more options to use and add to my games. However, I could have easily played without it. It is nice to have stats for TNG centric races and their ships.



Overall, I think this is a nice addition. There wasn’t anything that felt broken or out of place and all  pieces work well together. While it does include a good number of races and foes from TNG, some big ones are still missing; the Borg are absent. The expanded information given to the included races would have been nice for the Borg as well.

The art is also a little sparse in this volume. I would have liked a bit more. It’s not a huge deal since it’s fairly easy to get images of anything from the internet, I just would have preferred a bit more, especially in the Life Path’s section where some new races don’t have any associated art.

Overall, a good addition to my collection and if you’re looking at flying around the TNG era, then I think it’ll add to your games as well.

Until next time: live long and be well.