Star Wars Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games: Scott’s Studio – Stormtrooper Tutorial

Star Wars Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games: Scott's Studio - Stormtrooper Tutorial 1


Hi Everyone,

My name is Scott Nielsen. I’ve been an avid board gamer all my life, and have been painting minis for over 4 years, and I want to to teach you how to paint your favorite board game figures.

Today we are going to be painting up the stormtroopers from my favorite game of all time: Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Imperial Assault.

The stormtroopers are often the first figure that you are going to be painting as you start your journey painting this game, and I’m going to show you how to do it quickly, frugally, and with a quality finish.

To start, here are the paints we are going to be using. These are all from the Citadel line, but equivalent colors in other brands would also work.
-Mechanicus Standard Grey
-Nuln Oil
-White Scar

-Rhinox Hide
-Fire Dragon Bright
-Mephiston Red

Let’s begin.

Stage 1: Priming

To prime my figures, I’m going to be using Citadel’s Corax White. We are going to give these a spray from a one to one and a half foot distance, making sure we get nice and even coverage of the figures.

Once this dries we are going to move on to our base colors.

Stage 2: Basecolors

For the base colors we have actually gotten very lucky. The majority of the figures are meant to be white, so we just need to paint the non white areas.

I’m going to use Mechanicus Standard Grey to do this. I’ll be using this for the gun, the eyes, the strap above the eyes on the helmet, the gloves, as well as all the gaps in the armor. You could use black for this if you like, but the grey, when combined with the shade we will do later, will give us the same effect, and save us the trouble of highlighting those areas.

Be sure to always thin your paint down with a little bit of water. Thinning your paint down gives you better control of the paint on your brush, and creates a nicer application finish for your paint.

If you make any mistakes here, don’t worry, we can just let it dry and use some White scar to touch up the mistake.


Once this is dry we can move on to the shading stage.

Stage 3: Shading

Be sure to not let the shade pool up too much in any areas. If you don’t, you’ll end up getting uneven dry spots that look unnatural. Basically, just try your best to apply it evenly across the figure.

This is an easy figure to shade, so once this is dry we can move on to the highlights.

For our shading, we are going to use undiluted Nuln Oil. We can apply this liberally, but evenly across the entire figure. This shade lets us darker the grey, give definition to the white, and fill in all the gaps and details on the model.

I love the shading stage, as I feel like this is when a paint job really starts to come together, as it adds so much depth and detail to a figure.


Stage 4: Highlights

The highlights on our stormtroopers are going to be fairly simple. We are going to be using White Scar to highlight the white armor back up. We will focus this on all the parts of the armor that receive light. It’s sort of hard to highlight past pure white, so if you want to emphasize some highlights, like on the top of the head, you can do so by using multiple applications of layers of white.


Remember with highlights that thin layers are your friend. Using thick paint can cause you to lose control lose the subtle build up you can gain with thinner paint. This will be the most time consuming part of the process for sure, but you can highlight more or less depending on how dirty you want the armor to look. Pristine, looking like new armor, will require several layers of paint, while dirty worn armor can be achieved with only one layer.

Here is a stormtrooper after one layer of highlights.

And here, after two.

Apply as many layers as you need to until you reach your desire result.

Once we’ve finished our highlights, we can move on to our final stage.

Stage 5: Finishing Touches

For our finishing touches we are going to be adding some battle damage and shine to the armor. Both of these steps are optional if you are looking to save some money or just get the minis done quickly.


Battle Damage is relatively easy. For this, we are just going to take a small bit of thinned Abbadon Black or Rhinox hide and use small light strokes in alternate directions to create a blaster mark.  

Once this is dry we are going to take a bit of fire dragon bright and drop it in the middle.

Once this is dry we can spray the minis to seal them with Matte Varnish.


Once dry you have the option of giving the armor a shine. For this, I would use Citadel’s Ardcoat. I suggest you thin this significantly and apply it in layers to all the areas you want to give a shine to.


With this final step done, you are finished with your stormtroopers!

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