TABLETOP TWOSDAY – Tapestry – Stonemaier Games – Review

The game just looks good. Looks good on the table, in the box, on a train, with a fox.

Josh Hale



Theme and What is it?


The threads of civilization are built not unlike a quilt, or perhaps a Tapestry. The threads are interwoven to build the greater, or you could say the quilt is more than the sum of the parts.

You are building your “world” as it were, a step at a time, and as it grows, it gives you an ability to grow in a much smarter way. This reminds me of Star Trek, and the prime directive. This civilization starts as rocks, and you are growing towards a future that you citizens could not have imagined. 

It is possible you are boldly building where no person has built before…


Gameplay Mechanics


The first thing I saw recently while reminding myself of the gameplay in Tapestry is that someone else thinks it is not an engine builder. 

They are of course allowed to be incorrect. When an action you take, leads to benefits to take other actions, which this game does, it immediately becomes a sort of engine builder. 

You will want to try to use your tapestry cards, as they are only available during one era. This was something we messed up on royally. I thought they stacked. I was very incorrect. But, had I been correct, my usage would have been nearly perfect. 😂

Initial Impressions


The game just looks good. Looks good on the table, in the box, on a train, with a fox.

If you don’t want to see this again on a table, you have no board-gaming heart. I love the way the game stacks up. This is as close to a perfect initial impression as I could imagine. 

The question then becomes… does it keep that feeling throughout?

Game Build Quality


Stonemaier has since Scythe been producing their games to the umpteenth degree. I mean before; they were nice. Now, they are one of the companies to beat in production value. 

Their games just look great, feels great, and are easy to want to see on a table. These minis are even pre-painted. For some perfectionists, they may want to do their own thing. For the me’s in the audience, they already look pretty darn good!

Artistic Direction


Everything makes sense. It is easy to understand.

The box art is SOOO very pretty. I feel like this may be one misstep by the Stonemaier team. The art is simple and functional, but I think they may have missed the opportunity to be BEAUTIFUL. 

I am a huge fan of the idea of a game as art. I know not everyone shares that sentiment, however. So though for me, it may feel a bit bland art-wise, it is functional, and the game is super easy to understand. So, this may simply be a question of To-may-to or to-mah-to.

Fun Factor


I like this style of game. Each thing you do leads to being able to do other things, you could not do before. For me, this is really satisfying. It tends to feel more like my actions have significance, even if not ultimately leading to a win. 

So, the type of person that may enjoy this would be someone else who also enjoys that building mechanic. 

Age Range & Weight


12+. I cannot help but feel that this game is a bit more advanced than the suggested age range. It just takes more forward planning and patience to really enjoy this sort of game. I think 12+ might be a year or two too young.

With that being said, most 12-year-olds could understand the mechanics, even if they would generally have no chance to win, which although I generally don’t use that as a metric, in this situation I would, as feeling as you could win at this game, IS part of the fun.



If you ask why is my subjective score different from my objective score for this game… I could give you a smart-aleck response. 

The simple truth of the matter is, I liked the game. It will go in my collection, and I can imagine getting it out more than some other games in the Stonemaier collection due to approachability. I can imagine my friends saying they would play this with me more than a few times. 

Some games, I do not get to see as often, and for that reason, my two scores are different. I can imagine getting to enjoy this more regularly, at least that is the hope. If you enjoy civilization type games, and want something approachable, this might be up your alley.

This game does not take nearly as long as some other CIV type games you may have played, but you still feel like you got a complete experience.