Tales of Glory – Ankama – Review

Get treasure, defeat monsters, and acquire prestige throughout the land. Become the stuff of legend and tell your own tales of glory!

Box Cover
Player’s Legend Board

Get treasure, defeat monsters, and acquire prestige throughout the land. Become the stuff of legend and tell your own tales of glory!

Matthew Kearns



Theme and What is it?


You and your fellow adventurers are on the path to fame. Get treasure, defeat monsters, and acquire prestige throughout the land. Become the stuff of legend and tell your own tales of glory!

Gameplay Mechanics



Prestige tokens

Accumulate the most Prestige points by defeating monsters, acquire places, and obtain treasure.



Place the Adventure board and Discard tile between the players.  Separate and shuffle the Adventure tiles into their proper groups and seed the Adventure board with Age 1 tiles.  Randomly assign a Hero tile to each player and distribute their attributes (Combat, Magic, Potions, Coins). Determine who gets the First Player token.


Adventure board seeded for play

Each game is made up of 10 rounds. During each round consists of three phases: Obtaining Tiles, Playing Tiles, and Setting Up for Next Round.

During Obtaining Tiles phase, players bid for one Adventure tile on the Adventure board and take their tiles (First Player or lowest bid breaks ties).  Reassign the First Player token.

During Playing Tiles, the First Player (continuing clockwise) pays for the tile being played or sell it back for 1 Potion, 1 Coin, and 1 Key, place the tile in an acceptable location on your Legend Board, and collect an available reward.

During Setting Up for Next Round, clear and reset the Adventure Board.  As the Age 1 pile is depleted, use Age 2 tiles, and so on until the Age 3 pile is emptied in the 10th round.

Hero tiles

Initial Impressions


Not too complex and easy to pick up right out of the box.  All components are used and nothing left out. Love the box, especially plastic tray inside (more on that later).


Game Build Quality


All components are made of thick cardboard with a durable finish. This game will last against many plays that it will get. Now the plastic tray in the box is awesome. Not only is it well-partitioned to accommodate all of the pieces of the game but is has the artwork of the game imprinted to help the owner put the game away as intended. The box has plenty of space for everything and even snaps in some boards to help keep the tokens in their troughs.

Tile backs

Artistic Direction


The artwork is colorful and light, reminds me of styles of other board games or even mobile app games like Clash of Clans. It is fun and enhances the game experience nicely.

Hero attributes

Fun Factor


You are competing with the other players to create the greatest of heroes but is all on you to do it as the most other players can do to hinder your progress is to keep you from picking up a tile if they are before you. Add in the Quest tiles and you get a little more complexity with some randomness of these powerful tile. This game also scales well between the different number of players.

Player area

Age Range & Weight


Age range is perfect for the weight of the game — middle to low middling complexity. Since there isn’t really any direct confrontation of players, this a good game to get young players to think about their own strategy without having to worry too much about what the other players are doing. Older and more experienced players can begin manipulating the board not only to help them but maybe hurt their opponents more based upon what tiles are left, where they are in turn order, etc.

Plastic tray insert



This is a game of priorities — should you pick up that piece of equipment that give you better stats or do defeat that monster for more Prestige? What are the other characters playing for — the short or the long game? These are the questions you are constantly asking yourself on every round.

But this game goes fast and you’ll want to play it again immediately because you caught on to a different strategy you’d like to try or simply get revenge for a close loss (most of the games I played had first and last differ by less than 10 points).

Another thing is this game also lends itself easily for expansion (new heros and other tiles, possibly new tile types, etc.). My group hopes it will because about the only flaw they found was that five starting heroes didn’t offer enough variety.

Lastly, I want to rave again about the box and how handy it is for game storage and keeping it all neat!