Tattoo Stories – Games By Bicycle – Review

If you are looking for a social, fun and interactive game Tattoo Stories is a game to consider.




Theme and What is it?


The Tattoo market is starting to get a little too crowded in your town. Too many shops are opening up and competition is fierce. What is the best way to draw in new customers? That’s obvious. Be the best artist in town and land the most customers. Better yet, be the best and most creative artist in a competition where all tattoo artists create an ink design for the customer. That’s the ticket right there. Start a business where customers bring their ideas to tattoo artists. The artists then create their version of the customer’s vision and present it to them. The customer then chooses their favorite and gets inked.  Sounds like a foolproof plan for the best artist in town. 

Gameplay Mechanics


Tattoo Stories is a party game for 4-6 People.

Each player receives an art board and a marker. Players take turns being the “customer”. The customer selects five cards and presents those cards to the “artists” who have to draw their interpretation of what the design should look like. 

When players draw on their boards, they are never allowed to erase-just like a real tattoo artist. A timer is set for 3 minutes. During that time the artists draw and can ask the “customer” questions to see what they are looking for based on the five cards that are displayed. 

At the end of three minutes, each “artist” presents their design idea and tells why they created it the way they did. The “customer” then awards each card to a player that they feel best used the idea on that card in their design. The customer can award each of the five cards to different artists. 

After two rounds of each person being a customer, the player with the most cards wins!

Initial Impressions


I was excited to try this game out. I consider myself pretty creative, not artistic at all but master of the stick figure drawings. What I loved the most is how well others tried to “sell” their tattoo! I was impressed at some of their explanations. They had me sold to be selected as the creator of a tattoo!

Game Build Quality


The game consists of durable cards with descriptive words on them, white boards and white board markers. The white boards are thick and heavy duty and can be used many times with little wear and tear.

Artistic Direction


Tattoo Stories is pretty simple in its artistic direction. It has a lot of drawings and artistic pictures that resemble or that can remind you of tattoos.


Fun Factor


As you explore your tattoo artistic abilities, they really have you practice your tattoo skills because you are not allowed to erase your drawing. Once you start putting ink to white board it is permanent until the round is over, so be cautious of what you draw. You don’t realize how badly you want to erase until you start drawing. 

Age Range & Weight


Tattoo Stories is recommended for 12 and older. We played with an 8-year-old and an 11-year-old. If players are able to understand the definition of words and are able to draw, then I think they are able to play. 8 may be the cut off. 



If you are looking for a social, fun and interactive game Tattoo Stories is a game to consider. It has simple instructions, the game moves quickly and you learn who has artistic talent and who doesn’t. But it doesn’t matter; if you can talk your way through your drawing in a convincing manner, you have it made!