The Artemis Project – Grand Gamers Guild – Review

The art alone makes me want to recommend this to everyone and anyone I happen to see but you will keep playing this one for its fun times and massive amount of replayability.

Jordan Macnab



Theme and What is it?


You are tasked with creating a colony on the Europa, a moon orbiting Jupiter. To do this, you will need to develop your technology, hire staff, defend your borders and farm for minerals all while dealing with random events that can hinder or help your progress. 

How will you survive in the hostile environment and who will build the most productive facility?

Gameplay Mechanics


The Artemis Project is driven by worker placement mechanics and dice rolling. Each round, players roll their dice to create their pool and then in turn order begin allocating the dice to one of 7 areas around the board. Once everyone has placed all their dice, the game moves onto the resolution phase where each area is activated in a specific order and each player gains the benefit of that area if they have dice there.

This continues for 6 rounds and then final scoring is calculated.

Initial Impressions


I was blown away by the art Style and design aspects of The Artemis Project. The box art alone is extremely eye-catching but the art on the cards and boards sucks you into the theme of the game and gets you very excited to play.

Game Build Quality


There is nothing much to say about the quality of The Artemis Project other than it is excellent. The card stock is good, the workers are unique and well realised and the dice are nice and chunky. The colour contrast of the dice for each player is ideal as there is never any confusion as to where each player has played their piece. 

This is only a minor gripe but the ship to draw workers from is a possible slight over production considering a black bag is also supplied that, more than, does the trick. It’s a unique little piece of cardboard but potentially not required… But I am guessing there will be some out there that will love it.

Artistic Direction


Josh Cappel and Dominik Mayer really smashed it out of the park with the art for The Artemis Project. They have managed to capture the feeling of this cold and relatively dead planet while keeping the highly technological panorama’s consistent and relevant to the theme. Every time I revealed and a new event or base location I was astonished at how well everything fit together thematically.

My hats off to the artists and the development team who pieced this all together.

Fun Factor


My gaming group and I thoroughly enjoyed The Artemis Project from beginning to the end. It was a challenge to try to outwit each player and get the most advantage out of every given location. Trying to plan, in advance, and prioritise was tough but a lot of fun. The random element of the dice rolling in each round also added a level of complexity and randomness but could also be mitigated by clever play style.

Overall, this was a lot of fun.

Age Range & Weight


12+ seems about right to me. There is quite a lot of writing on cards and relatively complicated strategy elements required to make the most of each turn.

The game time of around 60mins was also pretty accurate. Even on our first play we only went over by about 30mins but that was just for rules clarification etc.



I have to say I wasn’t surprised to enjoy the Artemis Project. It ticks a lot of boxes for me including worker placement elements, some very light engine building and a lot of tactics but with minimal “take that” moments.

The art alone makes me want to recommend this to everyone and anyone I happen to see but you will keep playing this one for its fun times and a massive amount of replayability. 

Check this one out, it will be an excellent addition to anyone’s collection.a