The Furglars – bananagrams – Review

It was as if Dr. Seuss had done the art for the old Fat Albert television series.

Steve Mayne



Theme and What is it?


The Furglars is a dice game where you are thieves who are all attempting to steal Furgals from the other players while protecting your own. This is done using custom dice from a constantly shifting dice pool.

Gameplay Mechanics


On your turn you’ll roll all of the dice handed to you by the previous player. Dice can come up with one of four different faces. If you roll an X then the dice counts for nothing and is placed into a pool that you’ll pass to the next player. If you roll a Furgal then you’ll place the dice on your player card for next turn. Any locks rolled will likewise be played on your card and used to protect you Furgals. If you roll a hand symbol you can use those to steal Furgals from any opponent you choose as long as they’re not protected. If their Furgals are protected then you’ll need to use the hands to remove all of their locks first. After you’ve rolled you pass the dice to the next player.

At the beginning of your turn you’ll trade Furgals for bullion bars. The bars are worth different amounts of points and the bar you can be purchased depends on how many Furgals you’re selling.

Initial Impressions


Going through the box I was taken with the whimsical art and custom dice. The rules did give me pause however.

Game Build Quality


I think all of the components are very nice. The cardboard is thick and didn’t warp. The bouillon cubes had a nice shape and were marked with their points value, though I wish the seven had been given a bit of ink to make the number stand out a bit more. The rules are clear and easy to follow.

The dice were the standout component for me. They’re hollow with a small green fluff-ball inside and a small strip made up to look like the creatures eyes. They were quite pleasing to look at though I do wish that had slightly more heft.

Artistic Direction


I really like the art in this game. It was as if Dr. Seuss had done the art for the old Fat Albert television series. I really liked how it looked.

Fun Factor


This is a fast dice game that relies on luck. There are limited decisions in the game and it doesn’t take too long to play. There is a danger of the game devolving into take that territory.

Age Range & Weight


The box says 7+ and that’s dead on. The rules are simple enough that kids will be able to figure out what’s going on without adults there to teach them.



I was not a fan of this game. There is a distinct lack of choice in this game that made it feel stale from the beginning. You don’t have any rerolls so you only get what shows on your dice when you first roll them. This makes the game extremely lucky by its nature. Additionally, since you’re not rerolling the dice you don’t really have any decisions to make. You take Furgals from whoever has some unguarded. The box says the game takes 15 minutes and that’s pretty accurate but it’s not a meaningful or enjoyable 15 minutes.

I really wanted some Yahtzee style rerolls in this but since everyone rolls the same pool of dice it makes it more difficult for other players to get anything if one player is using all of their rerolls to get meaningful dice faces that they keep in front of them until their next turn.

I’m tempted to say the game is for kids and that gives it a bit of a pass but I’ve played much better kids games in the past year alone. I like games that are for kids but I don’t see them liking the limited number of choices you get to make here.

All of that said, try before you buy, even when it’s a game I love. I’m sure it will be quite easy to find a copy of this fiddle around with at a local game store or con.

Anyway, until next time; be well.