The Presidential Wall Game – New Entertainment – Review

"I surely hope it eventually goes to his presidential library. Maybe the company can make a deluxe version, out of gold."

Theme and What is it?

I am a sitting president. You should not want to knock me off my wall. If you do, you lose.

This game is just about as dumb as it gets. It is based off an earlier wall title with Humpty Dumpty.

Gameplay Mechanics

Use the trowels to push bricks off the wall. Do not allow the sitting president to fall off the wall.

Initial Impressions

This game was sent to us by New Entertainment, with the preface, that it is meant to be entirely silly, regardless of political opinion.

It is. Silly.

Game Build Quality

The game is reminiscent of the games of the 80’s with plastic molding, and not much else, besides a sticker.

I cannot say that it is good or bad, but it is functional. Though our copy required the presidential knees to be filed in the back a bit to sit flatly. This could just be me being anal retentive, perhaps this president is meant to be unstable.

Artistic Direction

The art, is bricks and a president in a suit. This is as utilitarian as it gets.

Though I had to keep in mind, that this game is likely a spoof game, and it is unlikely anyone is looking for the Mona Lisa, or even a presidential portrait.

I have to say the presidential lips, seem to be spot on when compared to photos.

Fun Factor

The fun factor will largely depend on your political leanings, and whether you can turn them off.

The game is obnoxious is such a goofy way. It makes NO political claims, it is just a president on his wall. Though we all know, the game is making a statement without making a statement, and this is such a sweet spot to be for a spoof.

Age Range & Weight

9+. This game is designed for 9+, and frankly, I think the joke will likely be missed by and large by many kids.

The fun of the game is not unlike the penguin ice block game, so many kids will enjoy the idea of the game.


Let’s be honest, this game is not looking to win any awards for fantastic gameplay.

It is a kids game re-skinned as a adult political game. It is a silly as it is dumb. You know from reading our reviews, this is entirely out of our standard sort of title reviewed. However, when it was sent, I knew that people would likely have strong opinions about this game. It is not even listed on BGG at the time of publication of this review, either for opinion of BGG staff or no one is taking it seriously, is my guess.

This is one of those toys, I imagine seeing on antique roadshow in 5o years, selling for $20,000. Who could imagine that anyone would actually want to keep this as a presidential memory? I surely hope it eventually goes to his presidential library. Maybe the company can make a deluxe version, out of gold.