SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY – The Zorro Dice Game – Pull the Pin – Review

The Zorro Dice Game cover

If you're a fan of dice-rolling or of Zorro (or both!) this is an easy recommendation. It might not be heavy enough to satisfy intense gamers and is highly luck (of the roll) dependent. 

Drew Vogel



Theme and What is it?


An aging and battle-weary Zorro can no longer adequately defend the people from oppression so he must find a worthy successor. Prove yourself to him by showing your heroism and proficiency in battle. Defeat the scoundrels and villains that are terrorizing your fellow citizens. After the final battle, it will be clear who deserves to wear the mantle and become the next Zorro! Will it be you?

Gather equipment in The Zorro Dice Game by completing heroic feats in Yahtzee/King of Tokyo-style dice rolling, either alone or with another player.

Collect sets of heroic feats to earn more dice that only you can use, but that will also trigger a scoundrel or a villain. Once the villain emerges, whoever defeats them will win the game and become the next Zorro!

—description from the publisher

The Zorro Dice Game is on Kickstarter through November 16, 2019. The review copy was provided by Pull The Pin Games.

Gameplay Mechanics


The Zorro Dice Game is a dice-rolling game in which 2-6 players compete to become the next Zorro.

Three steps make up a player’s turn…

  1. Travel: Choose one of the face-up Heroic Feats and place Hero Token on it. If there are 4 or more players, up to one other player may join you.
  2. Attempt: Roll  6 Zorro Dice plus any acquired Hero Dice to meet the requirement on the Heroic Feat card. After rolling, players may “save” dice and re-roll the rest, up to 3 times. If another player joined you, you may use their Equipment in addition to your own during rolls. Also, they make take a fourth and final roll and may include in that roll any Hero Dice they have collected.
  3. Collect: After the final roll, if the player didn’t meet the Heroic Feat’s requirement, there is no penalty. Your turn is over.
    If the player met the requirements for the Heroic Feat, do the following:
    – Take the Heroic Feat and put it in front of you. If it matches the location of a Heroic Feat you already have, take a die from the location and you will trigger a Scoundrel or a Villian. 
    – Take the Equipment at that Heroic Feat or draw 1 from the top of the Standard Equipment Deck. If another player was helping you, they have the same choice. If no one took the face-up Equipment, discard it.
    – Draw a new Heroic Feat to replace the one you took and draw a Common Equipment card to put face-up under it.

    Return all Hero Tokens to their owners and give the Zorro Dice to the player to your left for their turn.

Each time the first Hero Die per location is aquired, a Scoundrel appears and must be battled by the next player in turn order. If the player that battles is successful, they earn a Premium Equipment card which is stronger than Common Equipment.

When players have collected both Hero Dice for a Location *or* when the last Heroic Feat card has been drawn, the Villain appears. The Villain is the big-bad boss for the end of the game. Each player gets exactly one chance to fight the Villain, in turn order. If only one player defeats the Villain, they win the game and become the next Zorro. If multiple players defeat the Villain or if no players defeat the Villain, players Duel to determine who becomes the next Zorro.

A Duel consists of involved players completing three rolls of the die (including any Equipment and Hero die they may have aquired) in an effort to earn as many “saber” faces as possible. The player with the highest number of “saber” faces wins the game and becomes the next Zorro.

Initial Impressions


This is an attractive little game. The box is unusual… A magnetic-closure inner box is wrapped by a colorful sleeve of an outer box. 

The cover of the outer sleeve shows Zorro swinging through a window and surprising some guards who are holding a prisoner. It shows a lot of action and evokes the theme of the game well.

Game Build Quality


I am playing a review copy so my experience may not reflect the final game quality. That being said, the components are nice — the 14 dice are custom and engraved. The meeple pawns are generic but decent plastic, and the card quality is good for this game. They’re not linen finish but they’re good quality stock.

Artistic Direction


The art is entirely conveyed by the cards via a cartoony style appropriate for this game. The equipment art is good, and the villains are moustache-twirlingly evil looking.

The artwork portrays swashbuckling deeds but there is no blood or anything graphic. Thematically, this should be appropriate for kids 10+ (thought the box recommends 13+ as the minimum age).

Fun Factor


If you enjoy dice-chucking, you’ll enjoy this game. There is a little bit of engine-building as you can collect additional dice and equipment to increase the number of dice you roll per turn.

This game may be too light and too lucky (based entirely on dice rolls) for more intense gamers, but it is an enjoyable filler.

Age Range & Weight


The age suggestion on the box is 13+, but I feel that children 10 or older could play and appreciate this game. Maybe even younger. 



The Zorro Dice Game is a quick-playing, easy-to-learn, and portable dice-rolling game for 2-6 players. It’s got colorful art, good quality construction, and is thematic enough to work as a good filler or travel game.

If you’re a fan of dice-rolling or of Zorro (or both!) this is an easy recommendation. It might not be heavy enough to satisfy intense gamers and is highly luck (of the roll) dependent.