Thunderbox Entertainment & Calliope Games: Come to Rescue in Monthly Giveaway!

Monthly Giveaway gone Awry due to Technical Issues

A few months ago, we had a giveaway. 

This is nothing unusual, we do them monthly. I am currently setting up a giveaway now, celebrating a few landmarks for MeepleGamers. This one will be HOOOOOGE!

  • Ally Parker has a bajillion followers on Instagram
  • MeepleGamers has over 1000 followers on Twitter (the feat is crazy, we haven’t even focused on twitter)
  • Our writers continue to get reviews done DAILY! This is NUTS! 365 in 2018

Here’s the thing, the original giveaway did not go as planned. Without getting into it, the original company had technical issues that could not be solved. It was absolutely a frustration on my end, as I could do nothing to help that company, but alas… I had to find a fix. 

I shot a single email out to a friend in the industry. I said, is there maybe a chance you could help out in this situation? The response was swift and decisive. 

Calliope Games with their digital partner Thunderbox Entertainment, like a white knight, said chivalrously… “WE SIR WILL SAVE YOUR GIVEAWAY WINNERS FROM DIGITAL OBLIVION!”

Ok, they said they would help. They asked for nothing in return. They told me about their new Oculus VR version of Tsuro, and said they might be willing to do a future giveaway for that. 

For this reason, I’d like to give them both “MeepleGamers Customer Service (We ain’t even customers!) Seals of Excellence”. Sadly, I have no graphical talent, so it will have to be in name only. If however, I was actually good with graphics, it would be a super cool one.

Calliope Games, and Thunderbox Entertainment, thank you.


Make sure to check out Tsuro on Oculus if you have it!