TABLETOP TWOSDAY – Thunderstone Quest: At The Foundations Of The World – Alderac Entertainment Group – Review

Thunderstone Quest should be in every deck building fan's library.

Theme and What is it?

The quest continues! The 1st expansion to the Thunderstone story takes players on new adventures and introduces new enemies. 

Thunderstone Quest is a deck building adventure game with a dungeon crawling aspect for 2-4 players.

Gameplay Mechanics

The At The Foundations Of The World (ATFOTW) expansion does not introduce new mechanics into the game. It is a new story line that is played the same way as the base game and will use all the components from the base game. Also, the quest setup for this expansion is found in the story book in the base game. 

To review the game mechanics of the base game, click here.

Initial Impressions

I always love when new things are added to games that I enjoy. It can make the game feel new all over again. The ATFOTW expansion does a really nice job of keeping the original aspects of the game feeling fresh. Its card types are like the ones seen in the base game; they just add some new elements without changing anything too drastically. 

If you enjoy the story of Thunderstone Quest this adds to and expands it. I won’t go into details about any of that so I don’t spoil anything. If you just want to play the game, this expansion adds new cards to mix up each adventure even more.

Game Build Quality

ATFOTW adds new dungeon tiles and cards. All of these are the same quality as the base game. The base game components are all very well done. Check here for more information on the base game. 

Artistic Direction

I have enjoyed the artwork of Thunderstone Quest. It captures the qualities of the fantasy genre without feeling overdone. It does a great job of balancing something familiar and not making it feel like you have seen all of this before. 

Fun Factor

The ATFOTW expansion adds more breadth to a game with already wide options for customization and unique experiences. Having more will make the game remain fresh and new feeling for a long time because it will take hundreds of games before all the card combinations can be explored. And there are more expansions coming! 

Thunderstone Quest is a fantastic deck building game. Its designers figured out what they wanted it to be and did a great job keeping it within those parameters. That keeps the game tight, yet the card options give lots of room for exploration. 

Age Range & Weight

Recommended age for Thunderstone Quest is 14+. With everything that is going on in this game, I feel like that is a fair evaluation. I am sure my 10-year-old daughter would be able to pick it up and do well with it but she really enjoys deck building games. I can see younger players being able to play this as long as they have a good background with some heavier games. 


The ATFOTW expansion makes a really great game even more entertaining. It continues the story and also adds new options for non-story games. There are plenty of exciting card types within the 243 new cards. 

Thunderstone Quest should be in every deck building fan’s library. It takes the genre and does some unique things with it. It also has plenty of replay ability with all the options found in the game and that has grown even more with this expansion. So, give Thunderstone Quest a try and once you find out how awesome it is check out the At The Foundations Of The World expansion for even more fun.