Top 10 Games to Welcome Spring like the Cherry Blossoms

Winter, is so last year.

To celebrate spring, we gamers don’t always realize winter has come and went, because we were inside enjoying games. But, I assure you, winter was long, and winter is no longer coming.

We have compiled a list of the games we think should be played, and have told you how and where to play them. Some of these titles are just on here because of the emotion they invoke, and others for where and how they can be played. Without further adieu, or is it ado, these are the top 10 games to welcome spring like the cherry blossoms, in no particular order.

Seikatsu – IDW 

Seikatsu was released last year, and initially I stole it from Kevin, our editor, because I just loved the art, and the feel of the game. It may be the only game on the list to actually have cherry blossoms, but what a beautiful piece of art.

The game plays as any good abstract should, with decisions that affect short and long term, and make the choices you make actually count. If you have not yet grabbed a copy of Seikatsu, you should. It is well worth the price of admission, and looks good on a coffee table, even for non-gamers.

Bellz! – Wiggles 3D

There is nothing to this game. It is bells and a magnet, and you have to be first to get all of your color without grabbing other colors. Simple, and at times ludicrously hard.

But, I’m a single dad, and sometimes playing a game that requires no thought with my daughter is fantastic. She feels included, and I get to see her joy at winning. Because she does, win, regularly.

It is a dexterity game that actually requires skill and focus. Yet, it is enjoyable, because it can be played anywhere, and my daughter no longer tells me there is “nothing to do”.  We regularly in the summer months play this game 3-20 times before dinner if we go out to eat. If you have a younger child, you will also. 

Zombie Dice – Steve Jackson Games

Zombie Dice, a very deep and intellectual game about the end of the world… Ok, who am I kidding, this is simple, yet fun to the point of being delirious. 

There is no strategy, this is a PURE push your luck game that can be played anywhere. You can play this at home, on a table, on the floor, at a campsite, in a box, with a fox, you can play this game in a house, or with a mouse, you may play this game with green eggs and ham, and you will like it, or I am not Sam I am. You may not win, but you will not care, some games are just better with a beer and talking about why you “should have won”. All my writing, 100%, there is no plagiarism, not even in a schism.

Kodama – Action Phase Games

Kodama is a simple game about building trees, in fact, I believe there are a few cherry blossoms.

The art by Kwanchai Moriya is second to none, and wow. Some games, you want to play over and over. Kodama was not that way for me, it was more of  an experience. It is an experience I think every gamer should see and feel at least once, and I introduce it to people regularly, because I like it so much. 

I think many people missed the boat on this game, but hopefully with this list, you will pick it up, and show everyone you know. It deserves the high praises.

Fake News – Breaking Games

In a nod to the past year, where the low faith in Congress is only surpassed by the low faith in news “journalists”, a game that makes light of it all, in a fun and meaningful way is a nod to spring.

In the way that the US installs new presidents in Spring, something springy fresh making fun of that is great. Regardless of your politics, which I would argue should be left at the door, this game can be fun for anyone. The sillier the better, and since at least part of it is photo based, even a kid can play, if adults keep it clean. 

Skull – Asmodee NA

Skull is a delightful social deduction game that pits 3-6 players against each other in a “are you really a liar?” game design. 

The people I have seen that were the best at this were the people that were non-conspicuous, and unassuming. Regardless, it plays as well at a bar as it does in a room of people playing board games. The art is stellar, and frankly, if you haven’t played a game that makes you question grandma’s honesty, shouldn’t you start?

Hive – Gen42 Games

Nothing says spring, like bugs. Hive even has the dreaded mosquito now, with much less West Nile than it’s flying brethren. 

Hive is made on Bakelite disks and it is “chess” without the board. It can be played anywhere. It is an abstract, which is near and dear to my heart, but some people just don’t like abstracts, so do be aware. 

I take this camping every year, and always end up with new friends to discuss games with near the camp fire.

Bob Ross – Art of Chill – Big G Creative

Bugs, Cherry Blossoms, and Bob Ross, the big three when thinking of spring. 

This is a color palette based game. We’ll do a full review when the review copy arrives. Bob Ross and his happy little spring trees just makes me think of spring, and PBS, and donation drives…

Fireball Island – Restoration Games 

I might be being a bit preemptive here, but fireballs say spring to me. What about you?If you didn’t play this when you were a kid, but remember the commercials, you should back it now. As it took 30 years to come back the first time.

The Kickstarter ends in 13 days. Have you backed it? Just wow.

Love Letter – AEG

A simple game, that translates into huge fun. You are either initially dealt a winning card or losing card, and you must talk your way into someone else taking it from you, or leaving it with you. 

It plays very fast, and has enough replayability that it sits in my car regularly, because most people seem to enjoy it.

That and who doesn’t want to be a princess?

Bringing our Spring Top Ten to a close we know there are always a lot of disagreement on these lists. We encourage you to comment below or reach out to us on social media, and tell us why we are right, or wrong.

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