Troll and Dragon – LOKI – Review

While press your luck games are not for everyone, players who like that genre will want to check out Troll and Dragon.




Theme and What is it?


The king has heard rumors of a dragon’s gold stash. After a little investigation he has enough information to feel that the rumors are true. He calls for heroes from across his realm to gather and seek out the dragon’s den. The hero who brings back the most gold will be rewarded with the king’s blessing. This blessing is riches beyond imagination. 

As the heroes begin their quest, they discover that it will not be as easy as they first assumed. The door to the dragon’s lair is guarded by a giant cave troll. The good news is that the cave troll has his own treasure! A cavern full of diamonds. The adventurers decide they might as well grab some diamonds as they work their way to the gold. They just have to be on the lookout for the troll and a dragon.

Troll and Dragon is a press your luck family game for 2-5 players.

Gameplay Mechanics


There are two areas in the game. The Troll cave and the dragon’s den. All players start their turn in the Troll’s cave. While in the cave players roll four Troll dice. The dice faces will have: 

1. A diamond—which lets players collect a diamond from the room

2. A key or a door—a player must have both a key and a door to unlock the dragon’s den and move to the next room.

3. The Troll—a Troll face locks that dice and it cannot be rerolled.

Players may roll the dice as many times as they want until they are all locked, use the key and door to move to the next room or decide to leave the cave before all dice are locked. If the players push their luck and end up with all their dice locked, then they forfeit any treasures they collected that round back to the troll.

If players roll a key and a door on the Troll dice they may choose to move into the Dragon’s den. Here players take two gold dice and roll them as fast as they can. When a gold face is rolled, it is collected from the board. While they are doing this, the other players take turns rolling the two dragon dice. They try to roll two dragon faces before the player collecting gold decides to leave the cave. If the player declares that he is leaving before both dice show the dragon face, then that player gets to keep all the diamonds and gold they have collected that round and place them in their backpacks which keeps them for end of game scoring. If the other players can roll two dragon faces before the player declares to leave, then that player forfeits all of the treasure from this round and all other players get to steal his treasure.  

After one of the rooms has been cleared of treasure, the game ends and final scoring takes place. The player with the most points wins!

Initial Impressions


Right when I opened the box, I knew that Troll and Dragon was going to be a gem. The artwork was fun, the components were awesome and the directions were easy. I had my two oldest kids playing the game in about two minutes. 

The pace is very fast and there is great player interaction because of how the game plays once the dragon dice are involved. I am always a fan of press your luck games and Troll and Dragon is kind of unique because the other players are involved with that. 

We enjoyed this game so much we played game after game until way after my kids’ bedtime.

Game Build Quality


I was very pleased with the components for Troll and Dragon. The gold and diamond pieces look like gold and diamonds. The bottom of the box is also used during the game. I really liked that. The dice are very nice and look great. Overall, Troll and Dragon was a fun experience right out of the box.

Artistic Direction


I really like what the publisher did with the art on this game. The theme is very fun and the artwork draws players into the game. I liked that the art was lighthearted. That is what I want to see with press your luck games. There is lots of pressure in games like this and it is nice that the art can help people feel less stress. My kids really enjoyed the art. My four-year-old looked at the cover for easily 30 minutes and had a whole story made up about it.

Fun Factor


Troll and Dragon is like most other press your luck games; you hope that the other players get greedy and lose it all. What makes this game really fun is that you get to participate in that experience because you are rolling the dragon dice as fast as you can to try and kick the active player out and take all their treasure. 

I am also excited when I find games that I can play with my kids and they are challenging enough that I would play them again. Troll and Dragon is one that I would take to an adult game night. 

Age Range & Weight


The age recommendation for Troll and Dragon is 7+. It is probably fairly safe. It would probably be just fine going a year or two younger than that, but kids won’t have a chance if they are over cautious and not willing to go for broke every once in a while.

While the game is targeted for kids, I don’t see any reason why adults wouldn’t enjoy it. Don’t hesitate to break it out at game nights and let people try it. 



While press your luck games are not for everyone, players who like that genre will want to check out Troll and Dragon. The game pace is wonderful as well as the player interaction. Watching players go down when trying to be greedy is always one of my favorite things. 

Finding a game that will be a fun experience with my kids and also with other adults is always great. Plus, the components are top notch and make the experience even more fun. If all of this sounds good, then you should give Troll and Dragon a try and see how it works for you.