SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY – Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy Roll and Write – Adam’s Apple Games, LLC – Preview

I was watching the BGG game demos on Twitch during Gen Con and saw this game demoed. Roll-and-writes are all the rage right now and incorporating all the different die faces intrigued me.

Mary Crabtree



Theme and What is it?


Start the engines on your food trucks and plan your routes to gain the most sales at each venue!

In this fun spin on the roll-and-write mechanic, you will plan your route and move your food truck around each turn stopping at venues to earn sales. But, plan carefully because you can only stop at each venue once.

Gameplay Mechanics


This is a roll-and-write. But, what makes it stand out is that you play it with six different dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20).

Players take turns rolling the dice and then each player must move up to four spaces on their map grid to a venue. You must stop at an open venue if you can. Then, you write the value of the venue die on your route tracker.

The route tracker has a snakelike path that lists the different venues (dice). The values are written on this route tracker in order and then in backward order (see photo). So, if you visited a d4 venue this turn and then next turn visit a d4, you are skipping a lot of venue opportunities in between. You must plan accordingly and be a few moves ahead each turn.

You cannot have a roll-and-write without bonuses! If your written number is the third number in the row and/or column, you take the bonus action at the end of the row/column. These vary from being able to draw a bridge on your map, a gas station (gives more movement when you move through it), a 2x modifier on a venue to double the sales, etc.

The goal is to have the most recorded sales at the end of the game. The game ends when any player (s) reach the d4 venue on the final row and the game has lasted at least 12 turns. If any players have not taken 12 turns, those players continue until they have had at least 12 turns.

Initial Impressions


I was watching the BGG game demos on Twitch during Gen Con and saw this game demoed. Roll-and-writes are all the rage right now and incorporating all the different die faces intrigued me. The game is not available yet through mass release but MeepleGamers received a pad of map grids to preview.

Game Build Quality


As I mentioned above, Adam’s Apple Games has not mass released the Roll-and-write version of their Truck Off game, so I only have the pad of map grids. I just used some dice I already had and retrieved the rules off their website.

I would think when they mass release this game, they will include the dice and each will be the color matching the venue. I had dice that I could pick from to match the color closely.

Fun Factor


I know why Roll-and-writes are all the rage. They are so much fun. This one was interesting with the different die options. There was some press your luck after mapping out a route and then the die face was the lowest it could be for that venue. You then had to choose to change your route or just take the sale and move on hoping to regain sales at a later venue.

There was only one thing that got somewhat confusing. You are allowed to move back over a route you already took. So, unless you were paying attention, it looked like your truck could be at two different venues to start from. I just marked the venue with a number to know where to pick back up from.

Age Range & Weight


The publisher suggests 8+. This is definitely okay for moving about the grid, etc. However, I felt that planning slightly ahead was the key to success and a younger audience may have some difficulty with that part.

As usual with any game, playing with an equal playing field helps. This is a family weighted game that all audiences can enjoy.



Overall, this is a solid Roll-and-write. I hope this joins the masses soon so everyone can enjoy it as much as we did. This will definitely be included with our top games in this genre.