Unfair Expansion: Alien B-movie Dinosaur Western by Good Games Publishing – Review


The Unfair Expansion takes a great game and gives it even more re-play-able.




Theme and What is it?


Everything is running great at your amusement park. You are making fistfuls of money and are receiving 5-star review after 5-star review on Yelp. So why not shake it up and add some new attractions and major theme overhauls, right?

Aliens just recently revealed themselves and proved all those UFO believers to be not so nutso after all. And Dinosaurs are back and better than ever. Let’s add both of those. What would our park be without a Wild West theme? Check. And I hear terrible B-Movies are all the rage right now. Check-check.

Things are shaping up nicely and with a few modifications the new parks should be ready to rollercoaster in no time!

What does it add?


The new Unfair expansion adds four new park themes with each theme providing new ways to interact with the game.

Aliens – A new currency system as well as abductions.

Dinosaurs – Everyone’s favorite creatures that are bound to get loose and wreck something.

Wild West – A new starter deck option to help players learn the ins and outs of Unfair.

B-Movie – The use of panoramas has been purely aesthetic until now. With this deck you can score major points for making things look pretty.

What does it fix/ break?


This expansion adds new ways for players to create their parks and interact with the game mechanics. The panoramas were fun, but not utilized until now with the B-Movie deck. The alien deck allows players to explore a second currency option and find ways to make both coins and alien influence work together. 

The dinosaurs create uncertainty and suspense each round. They are just waiting to get out of their pens and potentially shut down attractions in your park. You have to make a roll for each dino in your park and they each have different dice values that must be exceeded with the roll or else bad stuff happens. This risk is rewarded by huge park visitor values that help players rack up money quickly. 

I have played five times and have used only the expansion decks and have also mixed expansion and base decks. I have not found any negative consequences of mixing. The opposite has happened. I only have more options to create more varied game experiences. 

Do I want this?


I love that all of the decks have different themes and different personalities. MIxing these up makes the game have so many different ways to play it. Adding new options with the expansion only adds more options which increases the replay ability. 

Do I need this?


Need is such a strong word…But, yes, I need this. I have enjoyed Unfair and love that I have even more options. Having a game with many combinations, then receiving even more combinations means a mind-blowing number of combinations! And each deck provides different ways to play the game. You can go with huge money-grabbing attractions or you can have decks that focus on corruption and hurting other players’ parks. Plus, dinosaurs can shut down your alien rides, while players abduct really bad movie stars. What is not to love about all of this?

The Unfair Expansion takes a great game and gives it even more re-play-able. I love the themes. Dinosaur and Alien are the strongest my opinion. They add new elements to the game. I really like what they did. The B-Movie theme allows the panoramas, from the base game, to serve a purpose. The Western theme is a solid way to introduce new players to the game. It paired well with Vampire from the original game.

Like the base game, the Unfair Expansion makes for a fantastic game night. The combination of themes allows for lots of new ways to play and experience Unfair. I can see my self playing Unfair for years to come and still finding a new strategy that works with the theme combinations.