SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY – Vengeance: Rosari Clan – Mighty Boards – Review

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The new Hero is a nice addition to the game and now you have the ability to play with 5.

Matthew Kearns


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Theme and What is it?


Rosari Clan is an expansion to Vengeance.  It provides a new Hero, Reverend Gray, and the foil to a peaceful life in his city, the Rosari Clan.  Play with a group or solo and send these vicious thugs to meet their maker. But the good reverend teeters on the edge himself — can he rid the city of the Rosari Clan and save his soul, let alone keep it?

Gameplay Mechanics



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The addition of Rosari Clan expansion doesn’t change the goal — have the most Victory Points at the end of the game by completing Missions, Objectives, and clearing out the dens of bad guys.


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* This expansion provides the ability to play with 5 Heroes.

The setup is the same with Rosari Clan expansion with the following changes:

  • 5 Gangs are used in a 5-player game
  • Each player gains +1 Recon token at the beginning of each Montage round in a 5-player game


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Executing the acts, rounds, and player turns are the same as the base game.

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Initial Impressions


The addition of the Rosari Clan Gang wasn’t much to me, just another gang to play with.  The Reverend, though, was an interesting (yet sad) addition for another Hero. The rules modifications weren’t much to speak of to add another player.

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Game Build Quality


All the components were of the same quality as the base game.  The only thing wrong was the third wooden marker was missing (only 2 were in the box), yet there were other extra components (white bases for Heroes).

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Artistic Direction


The artistic presentation was just as good as the base game, ‘nuff said.

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Fun Factor


Being able to play with a fifth player, didn’t add much to the game other another person could play and it’d take longer.  The new Hero was nice and the new Gang is brutal, but still overall no additional enjoyment was brought to the game.

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Age Range & Weight


The age range and weight of the game is no different from the base game.

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Two rules modifications were made to allow for a fifth player.  The impact the new Gang wasn’t more than if any of the other gangs were added instead.  The new Hero is an interesting choice background/flavor-wise and playing him in solo mode was truly challenging against the Rosari Clan.  But, frankly, I was expecting more from an expansion, instead it felt like it should have been in the base game from the start.

Reverend Gray entered the remains of his chapel.  The Rosari Clan looked on, dumbfounded that he would show up after they laid waste to the rest of the town.  Hands in his pockets, he strolled through, seeing the Boss in the other room. He didn’t look a threat — a man beaten and broken — and the Gang just gathered behind to see how this would go down.

There was laughter, a bottle passed between the Boss and Gray, each drinking heavily from it.  Before any could react, there was a gunshot and smoke trailed out the snub-nose of the once holy man’s revolver.  The Boss lay dead and Gray tossed the gun to another in the room. “It’s all yours.” No longer the Reverend Gray, the man left the room, the chapel, and all that he’d known, vanishing from memory into the horrid night.

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