Wacky Races – CMON – Review


I was twitter pated with how wonderful the miniatures looked.  That is what first drew me in.  I wanted to try the game out!

Heather Swanson

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Theme and What is it?


Warner Brothers produced a cartoon which was aired between 1968 and 1969.  Can you guess what it was?  That’s right!  Wacky Races.

Fast forward 50 years to 2019 and now we see Wacky Races back in the form of a board game.  The 11 race cars have been beautifully remade as miniatures.  Now, the characters are back at it on a race to the finish line right on your table top.

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Gameplay Mechanics


Racers move along a track that is varied from game to game.  It can also be twisted and turned in new creative directions.  There are a set variety of track pieces that go in the first and last half of the game.  In the middle is a gas station.

Players move forward in the game primarily through playing terrain cards.  Each player holds 3 cards and plays at least one.  The first card allows you to more forward regardless if it matches the terrain you are on or not.  The other two cards can only be played and the car can only be moved forward if it matches the terrain that the car is currently on.

After all the cars move, Dick Dastardly gets a turn.  He moves to the next available terrain that matches the last discarded terrain card.  If that spot happens to be forward of the leading car, he drops a trap in that spot and moves to the spot behind the last player’s car.

Players have 4 special player abilities that can be used to mitigate the effects of traps but there is little control over the game otherwise. It is a very simple play-a-card-and-move type of game.

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Initial Impressions


I was twitter pated with how wonderful the miniatures looked.  That is what first drew me in.  I wanted to try the game out!

My zeal was slightly restrained because the age was listed as 14+.  Yet, there didn’t seem like much to the game.  I was asking myself what the gimmick might be.  Was it going to be all looks and no substance?

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Game Build Quality


This game just rocks out the build quality section of my review.  The models are so incredibly detailed and delightful.  I love the colors. 

There is even a nice touch for storing the miniatures.  The pieces are all numbered to match the locations they fit into when returned to the box.  I appreciate this after having so much trouble putting away other game minis and not knowing where they fit.

The rest of the game is cards or card like material.  They are all fine.  The terrain cards are a little difficult to shuffle due to how small they are though.

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Artistic Direction


The majority of the artwork lies in the sculpting of the model cars.  They are truly fantastic.  They are better than so many other models I’ve seen in other games.

Even without having the pre-painted models they are incredible.  I would not want my youngest kids playing with these as toys though.  They are fragile.

The art work on the cards and tiles match the cartoon theme and they are all nicely done.  The player cards are made to look like blue prints and add a modern touch to an older cartoon.

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Fun Factor


I quickly realized this game is not truly for ages 14 and up.  It is too simple for that.  I called up my 6 and 8 year-olds to the table for a spin.  It turned out to be a great family game.

It is a quick play and they get a thrill out of trying to be the first to the finish line.  There is some variety from 4 unique track pieces that cause different things to happen.  It keeps things a little fresh.

There is a more advanced way to play.  There is a championship game that plays out over 4 seasons.  There are slightly different rules in each season.  At the end of the entire competition players add up their scores from each season.  The player with the most points wins.

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Age Range & Weight


The weight of this game is very low.  Wacky Races is very simple and can be played with young children under supervision.  It is easy to teach and easy to learn.

I’m not sure why they came out with an age of 14+ unless it has to do with the complexity and delicate nature of the cars.  I could not imagine adults sitting down to a game of Wacky Races for the sake of it.  This is mostly a luck driven game.

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I’m glad to have Wacky Races.  It is a great family game.  I like how we can be creative with the track and choose from 11 different cars.

The game variety is nice as well.  We can play a regular game or work towards a championship race over multiple games.  The few different ways to play give enough variety to keep a parent involved and kids happy.

I believe the age requirement on the box is going to throw people off.  It is a kids game.  I think it might be outgrown by the time they are 10.

I’m rating this as a 9/10 overall as a young kids game with absolutely fabulous game components.